Working closely with internal communicators, we often learn about parts of their job that cause them pain, and we keep coming back to employee surveys.

Surveys are powerful because they can help communicators understand how employees think and feel. When done right, they also make employees feel like their views and opinions are valued, and that means a more engaged, happier workforce.

But getting employee feedback is harder than it should be. Employee surveys can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive.

We set out to make employee surveys quicker, easier and more insightful by building surveys into emails, making email a truly interactive comms channel. And by adding survey metrics to the email open and click data you can already track in Bananatag, we found a way for you to diagnose your email content in more detail and improve what you send.


Introducing our new survey tools

With our new Pulse Surveys and Social Reactions features for Outlook, you can easily add survey questions to your email templates, as well as send standalone surveys, without all the hassle of traditional survey methods.

Employees no longer need to click a link, load a survey, complete it and return to their inbox. They can simply click their response direct from the email and the results will show up immediately in Bananatag.

Bananatag users on our Power or Enterprise plans will find three new survey blocks available in the Email Designer in our App. These are for Pulse Surveys, eNPS (a specific type of pulse survey) and Social Reactions.

Adding them to an email is as simple as dragging and dropping the survey block into your email design. You can use the customization options to ask the questions you want, in the format you need.

The new survey blocks in the Email Designer:

New survey blocks

Survey results in Bananatag:

Survey results in Bananatag

Our three new survey blocks are designed to help you survey better and improve your comms. Here's how.


Survey better with Pulse Surveys and eNPS

Embedded Pulse Surveys and eNPS give you two new ways to go beyond the dreaded annual survey, and get employee feedback, quickly and easily, through your number #1 internal channel: email.

Ask anything with Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys are a quicker, smarter way to survey employees. They can come in many forms, but they’re ideal for asking specific, standalone questions, like ‘How would you rate the last town hall meeting?’’.

ur Embedded Pulse Survey tool gives you the power to ask employees anything. Simply choose a question type and use the customization options to get the insights you need.

The questions you ask are fully editable and responses can be collected on five point (Likert) or two point (binary) scale. This allows you to capture different types of responses to best match your questions.

Embedded Pulse Surveys

Employee Survey Masterclass: Choosing the Right Response Scales


Measure employee advocacy with eNPS

eNPS is a unique type of pulse survey and a standardized way to measure employee engagement. Using this unique survey block, you can get a single number to benchmark and track employee loyalty and advocacy over time.

An eNPS survey always asks the same question, as shown below.


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Using survey tools to improve your comms

Through Bananatag’s open and click data, internal communicators can already track how many employees read their emails and what content they’re engaging with by clicking links.

But what you don’t know is how effective your content was in communicating the message, or how it made employees feel.

Get direct feedback with Pulse Surveys

Using our Embedded Pulse Survey tool, you can can add a simple, two choice (binary) survey question to the end of any email, and give employees the opportunity to react directly to the content of that email.

By adding one of these positive/negative response blocks, you can quickly and easily gauge understanding on that important company-wide announcement you just sent out.

Binary Surveys


Measure likes and sentiment with Social Reactions

Made popular by external social networks, our Social Reactions come in the form of a "Like" button or a visual scale of reactions.

These reactions can be added under any piece of content you build in the Email Designer, or at the end of the email itself, allowing you to measure the effectiveness, popularity and impact of any aspect of any email you send.

This gives you a powerful new way to diagnose, test and improve your email content, and transforms email from a static, broadcast channel to a truly interactive communications tool.

Visual reactions



"Like" button

We know a full set of fun, visual reactions won't work for everyone, so we also included an option to add a standalone "Like" button, which can be attached to any piece of content.

Enabling the "Like" button is an easy win for starting to capture positive feedback on aspects of your emails without making a dramatic change to how you share your content.



Get more in-depth feedback with Comments

Anywhere our new survey features are used to collect responses from employees, we’ve also included the option to prompt and collect Comments, either anonymously or not.


These comments are recorded in your Bananatag account and are sorted by the selected response to help provide more context for your survey data.


Send interactive emails with Bananatag

With these new survey tools we want to take the pain out of employee surveys and make internal email an even more powerful communication channel for engaging employees. Book a demo of Bananatag today to see these new features for yourself!

If you’re already using Bananatag, speak to your Account Manager about trialling Pulse Surveys and Social Reactions, or switching to one of our new plans that includes these features.