The Template Designer (now in beta) allows you to easily create or edit emails by simply dragging and dropping blocks. There's no need to change your usual emailing process -- internal communicators can build emails directly from your favorite browser or email client. Simple.

It's time to get excited about creating internal emails again.

Watch the 60 second demo below to see it in action:


Easily Design Internal Emails

Building Blocks (drag and drop)

Simply drag and drop predesigned blocks you want from the sidebar menu into your email template.

Bananatag Internal Email Designer Drag and Drop
Add title text, buttons, a header image, image copy combinations, and social blocks. Cleverly create and readjust elements, optimizing the impact of your email with every change you make.

Create and Save Templates

Create go-to email templates and save them for next time. Streamline your emailing process and save time writing similar emails. When you're ready to send, export emails to Outlook.

Design Internal Newsletters and Memos

Choose between two types of email structures for your communications with their own set of blocks:

Bananatag Internal Email Designer Choose Email Type
Select the newsletter structure for weekly and monthly updates so you save time designing the same template again. And use the memo structure for company updates or quick notes to send to employees.

Tested Across Devices

We've tested our blocks across devices and clients so that template emails are readable on any device your recipients may be using.

Powerful Bananatag Engagement Data

With the Template Designer, you still get the same actionable data you know and love from Bananatag. Increase and improve engagement with the classic open and click data but now with the power to test creative elements of your design.

How can I start using it?

Easy! In your Bananatag Members account page, go to Templates and in the drop-down menu, select Create HTML Template. Select your template structure and start designing.

What's happening to the old editor?

We're changing things up a bit -- for the better. You won't be able to create new templates with the old editor, as it has been for the past month. But you are able to edit existing templates with the old editor.

Try the Internal Email Designer now!