Employees: 2,200+
Industry: Healthcare
Hospitals, non-acute care sites, and pharmacies worldwide rely on Omnicell products to increase patient safety, streamline workflow, and more effectively address drug diversion and regulations.

The Problem: Using Microsoft Word and Outlook for Project Management

Omnicell uses specialized technology to transform and automate how hospitals and pharmacies provide patient care. As a Senior Manager, PMO at Omnicell, Alison Curran is responsible for ensuring that all relevant internal and external stakeholders stay informed on the status of dozens of ongoing projects.

Before Bananatag, each project manager had to maintain a word document for each project. Every week they would update their word document and email it to all relevant stakeholders. The process was entirely manual. Alison had no ability to oversee, track or assure the documents were consistent or accurate.

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The Solution: Designing, Sending, and Tracking Emails to Internal and External Stakeholders with Bananatag

Since using Bananatag’s Email Designer for her internal communications, Alison saw an opportunity to streamline Omnicell’s status updates.

For Omnicell, email was the ideal channel to communicate project updates to external stakeholders. Unfortunately, having project managers send dozens of emails with Word documents attached to provide these updates was far from an ideal process. Alison had no idea if the emails were being opened or read. Because the updates were sent as attachments, stakeholders had to click-through the email to see the relevant information.

Working with Alison, our team collected the update requirements and began to design a responsive internal email template to handle all ongoing project updates (without the need for an external attachment).

Design Objectives

  • Maintain a familiar look and feel of the Word document status update template so stakeholders and project managers could easily adjust their workflow without additional training.
  • Structure all sections of the project status updates in a single email template, rather than in an attached Word document.
  • Branded content blocks, using visual hierarchy to denote the most important status information
  • Responsive design for optimized mobile viewing

Key Metrics

  • Time saved by project managers
  • Open rate on new status update emails
  • Click rate on links in the new status update emails
  • Percent of the audience that reported the update helpful on the embedded pulse surveys

Introducing: The New Status Update


omnicell-new-icons1 omnicell-new-icons2 omnicell-new-icons3 omnicell-new-icons4
 Status Color Block Contact Info Section   Custom Footer Pulse Survey


The New Project Status Update template built in Bananatag is completely customizable and easy to edit right from the preview pane in Outlook. Now, instead of dozens of individual Word docs, Alison can easily set up each Project Manager with a Bananatag Account, where they can manage and send their project updates through Outlook. As an admin for Omnicell’s account, Alison can see all outgoing status updates to ensure they’re sent, and can also get metrics on individual status updates, or this channel overall.



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The proof of success is in the amount of positive feedback we have received internally and externally—Bananatag has really transformed our weekly communication to our customers.

-Alison Curran, Sr. Manager, PMO, Omnicell