New for all Internal Comms users, we’ve added Autofilters to automatically organize your sent emails into folders.


Autofilters allow you to create rules that organize emails with specific recipients or subject lines into folders automatically after you send.

Read on for the full details and try it today on the Email List view in your account.


How Autofilters work in Bananatag

The new Autofilters feature can be accessed from the Email List view tab in your Bananatag Account, for customers on any of our Internal Comms plans.

With Autofilters, you can filter by recipient email or exact subject line.


Filter employee emails by recipient email (or distribution list)

You can create an Autofilter to automatically organize emails sent to a specific email address. Once this type of filter is enabled, all emails tracked and sent to that email address will appear in the selected folder.



This type of filter is particularly useful for reporting on engagement by distribution list when combined with a new custom report that is set up to report on the folder emails are filtered to.


Filter employee emails by subject line

You can create an autofilter for any emails that were tracked and sent with a specific subject line. Once defined in your account using the rule ‘subject line is equal to’, any email tracked and sent to an exact subject line will automatically filter into the selected folder.



Creating an Autofilter by subject line is useful for sorting emails you regularly send with a specific subject line, for example, “Weekly Update”.


Using multiple Autofilters in your account

Using Autofilters, a sent email can only be filtered into one specific folder. If the criteria you’ve defined for two separate filters apply to the same tracked email, the filter with the higher specificity (meets more qualifying Autofilter criterias) will be used. When the level of specificity is the same, the first autofiltering rule is used.

Autofilters work for all emails sent in your account after the autofilter was created (and won’t filter historical sent emails).


What’s next

We’re just getting started with the types of organization possibly with Autofilters. This update opens the possibilities for additional and more complex filtering rules to be added in the coming months.

Have feedback or a suggestion for additional Autofilters? Let us know here!