On December 13th, a small group of internal communicators from around the globe gathered together to form a panel with but one purpose:

To bring you a Festivus for the rest of us.

This was our first-ever, live and interactive Chuck Chat. And it was ah-may-zing.

Miss the live broadcast? Watch the Festivus replay here.

We can’t shake this Festivus feeling so we’ve brought you just one more Festivus Miracle: a curated list of the top 10 moments from webinar.

10. Chuck’s Festivus paraphernalia

Would it really be Festivus without the iconic Festivus Pole?

Chuck had the perfect desk Festivus Pole (made from aluminum,very high strength-to-weight ratio) that he made sure the panelists did not confuse for a dancer’s pole.

And of course, we couldn’t let our host take the stage without the proper Festivus attire, so we sent Chuck a super-cool Festivus sweater to wear on the big day.

9. Denali (Carrie Basham Young’s sweet little french bulldog)

Heard grumbling through most of Chucks opening monologue, Denali was a huge hit with viewers on Facebook and cracked up the panel time and time again.


Denali even got the chance to air her grievances and boast some feats of strength (which include eating and passing wind).

8.  Panelists getting heated about measurement

It probably won’t surprise you that a lot of our experts had grievances about internal comms measurement.

The audience got the ball rolling by airing their measurement grievances and it wasn’t long before the panel was weighing in on one of internal comms most grievous issues.

But like the all-stars they are, the panelists didn’t leave us hanging - they made sure to throw down some fresh insight and advice for addressing these issues.

Part 1

Part 2


7. Great audience participation questions

Shout out to all our FANTASTIC audience. You kept the chat bubbling with great questions and advice, and you were kind enough to share your experiences.

We had hoped to create a truly interactive webinar and you all made that a reality.

In fact, one of our audience members was upgraded to panel mid show... Which leads us to our next great moment:


6.  Surprise Guest Appearance from Sean Williams

Why didn’t we invite Sean to participate in the first place?

Great question.

We have no idea, but we promise we will never make that mistake again.

His reactions were priceless and we know we will be using these gifs forever now.



5. Learning #PDR

And then there was that magical moment when Sharyn dropped the world’s most perfect internal comms hashtag and we had no idea what it meant.

#PDR - People Don’t Read

How we had never heard of this hashtag before is a mystery to us, but a hashtag this perfect for internal communicators won’t be unknown for long.

4. Leaders on Social

From humanizing leadership to increasing engagement, everyone on our panel was adamant about how important it is to have your leadership active on social. And they wouldn’t have been a rock-star panel if they all didn’t pitch in with some great advice about how to get your leaders started on social, and tips for getting them hooked.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


3. The Reject Panel

Within the first few minutes, the panelists discovered that we had unintentionally assembled nearly all of the potential speakers that were rejected from IABC conferences this year, which of course made it to the top of many of our panelists' grievance lists.

Except of course for Shel, who got some shade for being the only panelist accepted.


2. The FREE Content

As cathartic as it may be to connect with others over our gripes, what really wowed us was how open and generous our communicators were with their advice and insight. They were more than happy to weigh in on all sorts of topics, and even our audience members joined in to share their advice.

1. The Community

We had a truly all-star line-up, with the most respected communicators in the industry.

We had communicators from all over the globe sharing Festivus on social.

And we had a great audience that was chomping at the bit to participate and help each other out.

We couldn’t be happier with the event, and it was all made possible because of our incredible influencers, our fantastic audience, of course, the incomparable Chuck Gose at the helm.

Your participation and enthusiasm was our Festivus Miracle and we can’t wait to do this all again next year.

Watch the whole broadcast here.

Happy Festivus!