New for internal communicators using our employee pulse survey features, we’ve added the ability to customize the ‘thank you’ pages employees are shown after completing any survey through Bananatag.

The addition of the settings puts you in control of the experience employees have when completing surveys, allowing you to replace the default Bananatag logo with your organization’s logo and change the messaging if desired: 


This is an example of the page an employee will see after completing any survey from an email.


We’ve added these option primarily for customers that need to meet specific brand requirements inside the organization.


How to customize your employee survey branding

Survey branding options can be accessed by any user with a Parent Admin or Admin status, in the settings page of your Bananatag account:



By default, this page shows the Bananatag logo and a standard thank you message:



The logo can be replaced with any .jpg or .png file, and both the main title and subtitle text can be changed:



The preview tab shows you a preview of the page employees will be taken to after completing a survey:


Survey branding options are global across your organization's account to ensure consistency across surveys. 


Working with your organization’s logo files

Using a logo file that is a .png with a transparent background will produce the best result. A .png file should be available through a branding and asset guide or directly from your marketing department. 

In many cases, your organization’s logo can also be easily found with a search engine, and using some advanced search options, we can restrict a search to primarily find .png images with a transparent background:



Try these new options in the settings page of your Bananatag account today!