Now you can save your brand colors and fonts in Email Designer 3, saving you time when you’re creating new employee emails and helping you ensure your team always stays on brand.


Build great looking emails even faster

You can stop manually entering your brand’s color values each time you create a new email template or draft in Bananatag and now save your brand defaults. 

Once you save your branding details, you’ll see your colors and fonts the next time you go to create an email using Email Designer 3 in Outlook, Gmail, or using 

Saving your brand defaults in Bananatag will ensure your entire team always has access to your organization’s current colors, fonts, and link styles


How to save your brand in Bananatag

Access to Email Designer Branding Settings is now available to all admin users. 


1. Navigate to the settings page in

2. Select Branding



3. Click each color swatch and enter either the Hex or RGB numbers for your brand. Make sure to name your colors so that your team can easily identify which ones are yours, and where and when to use them. Click confirm after you enter the details for each color.



4. Select your primary and secondary font.



5. Select your link color and style.



6. Make sure to press ‘Save and Update’!



7. The next time you create an email using Email Designer 3, you’ll see your brand colors listed in the color picker and your fonts listed at the top of the font selection menu. Link styles will be applied to new links by default.



Request custom fonts

Does your brand use a custom font you’d like to use in your employee email designs?

You can now request custom fonts for use in Bananatag directly from the Branding Settings page.


Lock color and font options

Enterprise plan users will be able to take even greater control of their email branding with the ability to prevent users from using unapproved colors or fonts in Email Designer 3.


1. Navigate to the team page in

2. Select a user to edit.



3. Uncheck styling access.



4. Click ‘Save and Update’.


Have questions? Contact your account manager if you’d like to know more.


Start using Email Designer 3

Branding Settings is one of many new features available to users of Email Designer 3 in Bananatag. All customers on internal comms plans can start building new emails in Email Designer 3 today or easily convert their existing Bananatag email templates to use in Email Designer 3

If you’re not designing your Outlook and Gmail employee emails in Bananatag yet, get in touch below to try the most powerful email designer in the industry.