Communicators using Bananatag can now also reach employees using Slack.

To support the expanding needs of professional employee communicators, Bananatag now offers an integration with Slack (in beta).

Our initial Slack integration beta allows you to:

  • Send employee communications to Slack (through Bananatag)
  • Draft and schedule multiple communications for Slack
  • Reach employees on any Slack channel

By allowing you to manage, schedule and send communications across email and chat, Bananatag is moving towards a multichannel experience on our platform, The first third-party employee communications platforms we will be supporting are employee chat platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.


Check out the 30-second video and see more details below!


Connect Slack to Bananatag

If you're a current Bananatag customers on a Power or Enterprise plan, you can connect Slack to Bananatag through your Bananatag account (or add Bananatag through the Slack store). Note that Parent Admin or Admin user permissions are required to configure Slack and Bananatag.



Send or Schedule Messages to Slack

Once configured, you can draft and send messages to Slack instantly, or schedule any number of messages in advance to reach channels at the best time for employees:

Draft and schedule Slack content with Bananatag

By scheduling Slack messages, you can plan content in advance for chat, right in Bananatag. In your Bananatag account, you can draft and schedule messages, as well as see a list of drafted messages that are scheduled to be sent:

scheduled employee messages for Slack in Bananatag


Reach employees on any Slack channel

Messages will appear on Slack (instantly, or as scheduled) as sent by the Bananatag app:

Slack message sent by Bananatag-2


Now in beta for customers on Power and Enterprise!

Slack is a new product integration in beta from Bananatag, available as part of our current Power and Enterprise plans and now accessible at! If you're not on a Power or Enterprise plan and interested in reaching employees on Slack, reach out to your Account Manager for more details.


Coming next: Microsoft Teams

We’re also working on a Teams integration to also support the chat channel many of our Microsoft 365 and Outlook 365 customers are using (details coming soon).