We've added new features that allow for better collaboration for groups of communicators using Bananatag.

Shared Views allow a group of internal communicators using Bananatag to view and share their collective tracked email data without having to log into different accounts, and enables for collaboration on email drafts by default.

As part of a larger initiative to allow full collaboration using groups in Bananatag, the first steps were to:

  • Give all group members access to emails sent by members of the group
  • Enable sharing of all new email drafts created by the group, by default*


*We've also added an option to mark some emails as private (so they are not shared with the group, if desired)


These feature are available for all Internal Comms accounts, and can be enabled by a parent admin in the settings page of your Bananatag Account.


Share tracked email details across your comms group

Senior communicators and groups in large organizations now have a way to view all of the individual emails various contributors have sent, without needing to log into multiple Bananatag accounts.

We’ve split the view on the Emails page to allow you to separately view emails sent from the account that’s currently logged in, and all of the emails sent by the group:


 The Account tab shows only reports from Emails sent from the account currently logged in.


All existing data for emails sent from a given account before this change will remain in the Account tab of account, including any folders and organization.

Once Shared Views are enabled, the group tab will become visible, and store all of the emails sent by your group, unless they were drafted and sent privately:


The group tab shows reports all emails sent by a specific group.


Share email drafts automatically on creation

With Shared Views, Bananatag users that collaborate on email designs also now have a way to have all new drafts share with their group by default: shared-views-5

Users can still create drafts privately (without sharing with the group), but this must now be selected using a checkbox below the template preview when creating the draft.


Enable Shared Views in your Bananatag Account

Shared Views can be enabled in the settings page of your Bananatag Account by any users with a parent admin status:

Parent admins can enable Shared Views in the settings menu, and have the option to enable or disable each feature (Shared Emails and Shared Drafts).


Try Shared Views today and contact our team with any feedback or suggestions!