We have some big news.




Bananatag and Staffbase are merging to become the global leader in employee communications.

Since 2014, we've been trying to solve the puzzle of internal communications for some of the largest brands in the world. 

We started with humble email tracking software and have grown into an incredible internal communications platform trusted by over 600 organizations.

And we couldn’t be prouder. 

For the last 7 years, we’ve immersed ourselves in this industry. We’ve gotten to know you, fallen in love with the incredible community that we have the privilege of supporting everyday, and in the process found our own voice and place within this community. 

You inspired us to pursue our mission to make meaningful internal communications easy.

But we also knew that if we really wanted to accomplish this mission, we’d have to do more. 

Through our industry research and listening to our customers, we realized the most valuable and impactful software we could create for internal communicators would be one that combined all of your channels into a one-stop-shop. 

That’s what would make meaningful internal communications easy. But we were missing some crucial pieces. 

As it turns out, across the ocean, there was a like-minded organization that felt the very same way. Their product, their people, their culture, and their ambitions aligned with ours in nearly every way.

We each were the missing piece that the other had been looking for.

Two puzzle pieces, one blue with the Staffbase logo of a speech bubble and the other piece is yellow with Bananatag's banana logo. Two different hands old each piece and bring them to the center to fit together.

Put simply, we fit together.


Creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ internal communications software

Staffbase has built a mobile-first platform to help organizations reach their employees, no matter where they are, through an employee app and modern intranet.

A mobile phone with an animation showing employees commenting on company news in StaffbaseAnd Bananatag has helped people fall in love with their internal email channels all over again and reach desk-based employees where they work everyday.

A live look at collaborating in Bananatag, with many employees working to build beautiful layouts in real-timeTogether, we can unite workplaces like never before, unlocking the power of internal channels, no matter where employees are working.

The merging of our products will also help make work easier, faster, and more meaningful for thousands of communication professionals from around the world.

Isaac Oslund, CTO and Cofounder of Bananatag



“Together with Staffbase, we’re realizing the vision of creating a one-stop-shop platform for internal communication.”



Putting our people first

It’s no secret that Bananatag cares deeply about our people. It’s what makes our product and brand shine from the inside out. 

It truly is the secret to all of our success. 

Great Place to Work certification from Sept. 2020 to Aug. 2021 in Canada   Deloitte Technology Fast 500 North America certification

In Staffbase, we couldn’t have found a better counterpart that understands the power of people and cares just as deeply about empowering them to do their best work with a sense of purpose and ownership. 

Like us, they understand the value of growing together. 

Together as a company, together with our customers, and together as people. 

“Bananatag and Staffbase are becoming the largest and fastest-growing internal communications software company on the planet.”


Corey, CEO and Co-founder of Bananatag


A shared vision for the future of internal communications

We believe that if organizations and their people could get on the same page, we could solve some of the biggest problems facing our world today. 

There’s truly no limit to what we could accomplish. 

Both Staffbase and Bananatag want to build a company that leads the charge in supporting internal communication professionals to do their best work, and help companies get on the same page to fulfill their own mission and impact on the world.

Chris, CMO and Co-founder of Bananatag


"Our people and culture are the beating heart of Bananatag. I'm so impressed with how we've grown and what we've accomplished together."

What does this mean for our customers?

For now, we’re here for you just as we were yesterday.

But soon, you’ll get double the resources, double the product, and triple the team working for your success.

Bananatag's Vancouver team celebrating the holiday season in matching Bananatag hoodies Bananatag's Kelowna team celebrating the holidays in matching Bananatag hoodies

Staffbase's team smiling and raising their arms for a photo outside


What does this mean for our community?

Through projects like The Bananatag Morning Show (the first LIVE LinkedIn show for internal communicators) and Comms Lab (our international customer and community events), we’ve been able to connect with people from around the world and bring them valuable, practical resources that help them take internal comms to the next level. 

We’ve built incredible relationships with industry influencers and consultants through our resources and webinars, and connected over 900 IC practitioners from 44 countries and nearly every continent, in our free Slack community, Comms-unity

All of this just goes to show how high we hold the bar for community, connection, and creating quality internal comms content. 

Now, together with Staffbase, we’ll raise the bar once again. 

We are thrilled to be able to combine our efforts to become the ultimate powerhouse in internal comms content, delivering thought leadership and insights, supporting you in developing world-class communication strategies for your organization, and connecting you with your peers around the world. 

In a nutshell: expect great things


A new chapter

Since our inception, this merger will be the biggest, most exciting thing to ever happen to Bananatag. 

But as we unite under a new brand over the next year, we will never lose sight of what made Bananatag the incredible company that it is today. 

It’s our people and this wonderful community. 

So thank you to each and every one of our incredible teammates. You are an inspiration.

The impact you’ve made in the lives of so many communication professionals and organizations around the world is immeasurable—you should be so proud of yourselves.

You have made coming to work everyday a dream and shown us what is possible when great people get together with a shared purpose. 

And thank you to the incomparable community of customers, consultants, practitioners, and fellow vendors who have trusted us, believed in us, and supported us along the way. Your insights, knowledge, time, and energy have empowered us to soar to heights we never could have imagined. 

We’re so excited to begin this new chapter and celebrate it with all of you.

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