I have read nearly every internal communications blog out there.

The good.

And the bad.

All so I can learn as much as I can about internal communications and how to help communicators kick butt.

And I am consistently blown away by how many people and organizations are contributing to the conversation.

The amount of time and the depth of thought that some internal communication blogs are putting into their articles and resources is truly impressive.  

And I am a huge fan. 

So I wanted to say thank you to these companies and people for contributing to this vibrant and growing community, while educating and elevating the profession.

And for keeping me on my toes and raising the bar for valuable content.  

You make me better. You make communicators everywhere better. And you make this community awesome.

So in the spirit of helping you kick some booty, and to dish out some serious credit where it is due, I've put together a list of my favorite internal communications blogs of 2018. 

#1. H&H

Who are they?

H&H is an internal communications agency in the UK.

Why should you read their blog?

They cover everything from creativity, workplace well-being, to diversity, leadership, engagement, and change management.

And despite the variety of the topics that they cover, most of their posts (I only say most because I haven’t read them all because there are too many), are well-written, relevant, catchy and always have good insight and takeaways.

Their guest posters are also top shelf and include great minds in internal communications like Saskia Jones and Mike Klein.

But I'll admit, I was first drawn into the H&H blog because I love a good header image and their aesthetic is great.

Their posts are just so easy to read and they have A LOT of them.

Also, their newsletter is called Weekly Ketchup and that just tickles me.

Where to start:

According to H&H, these are the most popular posts on their blog:

Kyla’s Recommended Reads:


#2. Axero

Who are they?

They are the masterminds behind Communifire, a seemingly bad-ass intranet solution. (I’ve never used it. 🤷)

Why should you read their blog?

Axero is a close second for my favorite internal communications blog this year.

I have a soft spot for organizations and leaders that actively give a damn about employees as people. Co-founder, president, and writer of the blog, Tim Eisenhauer has also written a book called, Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? Mastering Employee Engagement.

I love this perspective, not only because it’s markedly different, but also because it makes so much more sense to me than 90% of the leadership/engagement blogs out there.  

And of course, I’m a sucker for writers who aren’t afraid to be a bit of a potty mouth.

Regardless, you should check out their blog if you want original, thoughtful pieces about engagement, culture, and the nature of managing people.

Where to start:

According to Axero, these are the most popular posts on their blog:

Kyla’s Recommended Reads:

Buffer Open

Who are they?

Buffer Open is the culture blog of Buffer, a great social media management tool that I have personally used and love.

Why should you read their blog?

Buffer Open is revolutionary. Plain and simple.

Buffer is raising the bar for what it means to be a company that values its employees. If you give their blog a read, you’ll see how they are thinking way harder and deeper about what work means to us as humans than 99% of the brands out there.

Their aim is to be fully transparent.

That means they post about their annual budget and how they create and spend it; how they bought out their investors and why; their salaries and how they calculate them; their internal pay gaps between men and women; and how they pull off being an awesome company to work for with an entirely remote team.

Buffer Open is for anyone who is hopeful about the future of work and wants an honest look at how we need to build organizations for the future.

Where to start:

According to Buffer, these are the most popular posts on their Open blog:

Kyla’s Recommended Reads:


#4. All Things IC

Who are they?

The All Things IC blog is the magnificent brainchild of Rachel Miller, internal communications consultant, educator, and mentor extraordinaire.

Why should you read their blog?

When I started at Bananatag, I had a lot to learn about internal communications. Rachel Miller’s blog was one of the first places I looked.

I know now, there isn’t a better place to start your journey into the internal comms world.

Rachel Miller is a powerhouse. Her knowledge is incredibly valuable and she’s got a drool-worthy client list to prove it.

She’s advised the BBC, Coca-Cola, the Guardian, Lego, Harrods, Johnson & Johnson, Royal Mail, The Jamie Oliver Group, Land Rover, Jaguar, NHS England, Aon, Telefonica, the British Red Cross, and more.

Oh, and she has over 1250 blog posts that are all chock-full of her precious insight and great guest posts from some of the sharpest minds in the industry.

Where to start:

According to Rachel, these are some of the most popular posts on her blog:

Kyla’s Recommended Reads:

#5.  Officevibe Blog

Who are they?

Basically, they provide a neat automated pulse survey platform.

Why should you read their blog?

This is also one of those blogs that caught my attention when I was first learning about internal communications. Their content is really good and consistently human-centric.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t until I did this roundup post that I actually looked into what it is they do.

Meaning, it’s not completely obvious from the blog that they are trying to sell you a thing, because they are so focused on providing genuine value.

I have nothing but respect for that.

And damn, they are thorough. When they say The Complete Guide to Whatever It Is, they aren’t lying.

The blog is also expertly designed. Consistent branding, super readable, and their custom images are just a step above. On some blog posts, they even have audio versions, like, c’mon.

Their blog is extra, as the kids say. Something to aspire to, really.

(I’m not jealous, you’re jealous.)

Where to start:

According to Officevibe, some of their most popular blog posts are:

Kyla’s Recommended Reads:


Several People Are Typing [The Official Slack Blog]

Who are they?

I’m sorry, if you haven’t heard of Slack… we’ve got a problem.

Why should you read their blog?

Besides finding out how you can use Slack more effectively (which they cover extensively) their blog is a great source for insights on digital transformation and the future of digital communication.

They are arguably the fastest growing digital workplace communication organization out there.

Personally, I belong to like, seven different Slack groups. They know what they are doing and are single-handedly changing workplace collaboration.

So when they talk, we should probably have a listen.

Where to start:

According to Slack, these are some of their most popular blog posts:

Kyla’s Recommended Reads:

NOBL Future of Work

Who are they?

NOBL helps leaders foster cultures that are a competitive advantage. They train organizations to embrace new attitudes and adopt new behaviors, creating lasting organizational change.

Why should you read their blog?

I really love learning about how to make work awesome. I stumbled across NOBL when I was researching the importance of organizational design.

How information is distributed, collected, passed down, or through an organization is by design. As such, internal communications is an integral part of not just how we ensure organizations are designed effectively, but how our internal culture and structure is maintained and optimized.

The NOBL Future of Work blog provides real tools and innovative resources that inspire people to think about organizations differently and to design them (and our internal communications) more effectively.

Where to start:

According to NOBL, these are some of their most popular blog posts:

Kyla’s Recommended Reads:


. Oplift

Who are they?

Oplift is an employee empowerment platform making waves in organizational digital transformation space. I’ve never used it, but it sure does look neat.

Why should you read their blog?

I got hooked from subscribing to their newsletter. It’s adorable. (The emojis just get to me, man.)

Their blog is just as good. Aesthetically, it’s really a step above. It's easy to read, posts are relatively short, well-written, and they get straight to the good stuff.

And their GIF game is on point.

In terms of content, they are very employee experience focused, which I love. They have creative ideas about how to get employees to give a crap about boring stuff they need to know like policies and procedures.

Unlike a lot of other blogs in the space, they dedicate a significant amount of their content to the sensitive stuff in workplace culture. They get real about why your employees hate their jobs, how your workplace may be contributing to apathy, and basically how not to be a jerk employer.

Where to start:

According to Oplift, these are some of their most popular blog posts on internal communications:

Kyla’s Recommended Reads:

Alive with Ideas

Who are they?

Alive with Ideas is an independent ideas agency that helps create effective, engaging communications.

Why should you read their blog?

If you’re more of a visual learner, you’re in luck. Alive with Ideas knows exactly how to communicate using vivid imagery and beautiful illustrations.

Their blog is a nice change of pace that uses powerful visuals to explain content, rather than copious amounts of copy.

What’s better is that they are always teaming up with our favorite practitioners and consultants to create incredible work that educates and resonates.

Where to start:

According to the Alive with Ideas blog, these are some of their most popular blog posts:

Kyla’s Recommended Reads:


Who are they?

SnapComms provides digital communication tools for internal communicators on a variety of channels.

Why should you read their blog?

My favorite thing about the SnapComms blog is that there isn’t any fluff.

Their team is dedicated to providing value. So even if you think you’ve read everything there is to read on a topic, the SnapComms blog will take that topic to the next level and prompt you to start thinking more deeply and strategically.

They also keep things succinct and thoughtful, which makes their blog easy to read but powerful.

Where to start:

According to SnapComms, these are some of the most popular posts on their blog:

Kyla’s Recommended Reads:

Talk Social To Me

Who are they?

Talk Social To Me works with Internal Communications and IT leaders to increase employee engagement using internal social networks like Workplace by Facebook and Yammer.

Why should you read their blog?

If you’re on Facebook Workplace, Yammer or using any kind of enterprise social network, you should be reading this blog.

Oddly, they seem to be one of the only internal communications blog focused on using social to engage employees. But luckily, they’re experts and spend a lot of time thinking and writing about ESN best practices, engagement, measurement, and the role of social in organizations.

Where to start:

According to Talk Social To Me, these are some of the most popular posts on their blog:

  1. Infographic: Bringing Hourly and Union Employees onto Workplace by Facebook

  2. 6 Ways to Increase Yammer Engagement

The backstitch Blog

Who are they?

backstich (purposely not capitalized) is a digital internal communications platform that offers everything from mobile apps to surveys.

Why should you read their blog?

Honestly, they seem to be one of the only other internal communication blogs out there that are producing quality content about employee newsletters.

Employee newsletters are always the hottest topics for our webinars and blog posts, so I know that you folks are hungry for it.

They also cover other communication channels like mobile apps and different strategies for communicating things like wellness benefits and what to do if you’re the only internal communicator.

Their blog covers a good chunk of the essential day-to-day tasks and problems most communicators will be faced with.

Where to start:

The Watercooler Blog by Vignette

Who are they?

Vignette is an employee experience agency. 

Why should you read their blog?

While they haven’t put out a ton of original content this year, they still do a great job of rounding up the most influential think-pieces in the industry, weekly.

And most of their content is pretty evergreen, which means it doesn’t really matter when they published it because it still resonates.

They also have some particularly in-depth series that cover things like employee experience and company purpose.

Where to start:

According to Vignette, these are some of the most popular blog posts:

Bonus:  The Bananatag Blog

Who we are:


Why you should read our blog:

Well obviously I was going to put us on this list.

Not only because it’s my damn list and I do what I want, but we are also really proud of our selection of resources.

We spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of resources communicators need to be empowered in their roles. Our whole modus operandi is that we want to educate and elevate the communications profession so communicators can kick ass and take names.

And hey, you’re already here, so you might as well poke around.

Here are our most popular blog posts:

And of course, my favorites:

And that’s it!

Stay tuned for my next post where I will catalogue all the very best podcasts in internal communications, and the rest of the Bananatag Best Of 2018 series.