Gatehouse just released the 2016 State of the Sector report, which is the eighth annual report on the Internal Communications industry from the UK firm.

The goal of this very comprehensive report on is to get a pulse on the internal communications industry, find out how internal channel use is changing, and survey communicators on their top challenges and focus areas for the next year.

We highly recommend reading the report, as it not only examines trends across our ever-changing industry, but also brings common concerns from communicators to light. You can download a copy on the Gatehouse website.

Our top 10 takeaways from the SotS Report

  • The multi-disciplinary nature of the IC role is common, with 21% of respondents being involved with external communication, 10% with marketing, and 4% with HR.
  • Central email is still used by over 90% of respondents.
  • While unreported on last year, email metrics are now collected by over 35% of respondents.
  • 45% reported that improving electronic channels was a top priority this year.
  • Of those surveyed only around half had written an annual communication plan for 2016.
  • 69% of respondents said they were involved in developing and launching new IC technologies.
  • The largest barrier success reported was a lack of line manager communication skills.
  • Under half of respondents agree there was a long-term strategy and vision for internal communications in their organization.
  • Around 40% reported that improving measurement was a priority this year.


There's a lot of positive and exciting things happening in the industry. Although many communicators might look like they've found the magic formula, there are many areas and ways to improve your internal communications -- don't feel left behind, you're not alone!

With the release of this report, it's the perfect time to take a cue from the leaders paving the way in internal comms. State of the Sector gives communicators an understanding of what other professionals in the industry are doing to engage and inspire employees.

These takeaways could provide you with the necessary push to start measuring and sharing success across your organization!