Email templates say a lot about you and your company so it is important to make sure that you choose one that best expresses your messaging. Everyday, we come across a number of different email templates, everything from very simple plain-text to the very complex html layouts.. Typically, regardless of the messaging, most individuals and companies rarely change their templates.

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Rethink your messaging

With the advent of email analytics you no longer have to rely on guesswork. Tracking your emails allows you to measure engagement and improve your messaging accordingly. By regularly updating your templates and tracking the effects you will also gain significant insights which will enable you to update your templates to create a more effective email.

Think of your email like a webpage

Whole teams of marketers are dedicated to squeezing every last bit of conversion from their web pages by regularly updating them, making changes and tracking improvements. This ongoing process helps marketing keep on top of current trends and keep their audience engaged with their content. By trying out different templates you will be able to pinpoint your audience’s preferences and optimize your campaigns.

Choose a template that emphasizes your call to action

Before choosing a template for your email you need to know what your goals are for it. Are you looking for conversions or sending out an informational email? The type of template you go with will dictate how your content is emphasized. If your call to action is to generate clicks then ensure your template directes your reader’s attention to the hyperlinks. Likewise, if you’re more interested in promoting the  content of your email then choose a template that places an emphasis on the layout of your body text.


There is no better to way to find out what your audience prefers than by doing some A/B testing. While this may seem daunting at first, small improvement such as changing the color of hyperlinks, rearranging them on the page, or even adding/removing a sidebar can make a significant difference. You can easily measure the results of your testing by using Bananatag. By gaining insights on which areas of your templates receive the most link clicks you can create strategically designed emails to impress your audience and get those much needed results.