Bananatag’s Gmail Extension for creating and sending employee emails has been updated to complement the new Gmail interface, and we’ve also tightened up the workflow for sending employee emails through Gmail.


In the latest version of Bananatag for Gmail, you'll find an updated interface that matches the new Gmail, as well as an update to where drafts are accessed.

Here's how it looks inside the latest version of Gmail:



Access your internal email drafts in one click

Previously, the Drafts button was accessible inside of the compose window in Gmail. However, as Bananatag has added features for internal communicators, we've created our own sending experience which no longer relies on the Gmail Compose window.

Now, you can access any email you're currently working on right in your inbox using the Drafts button (under the Compose button) in Gmail:



Once you access drafts, you'll then see the familiar drafts interface overlayed on top of your inbox:


All accessible drafts in your account can be edited through the Gmail Extension, and you can also delete any unwanted drafts through this interface.


Click through any current draft to edit it, or create a new draft with the + button:2

As always, you can use our drag-and-drop Email Designer to craft your email, right inside of Gmail. 


Send employee emails through Gmail

To schedule or send your emails, hover over the draft you want to distribute and select either Schedule or Send:



On the next screen your emails can be previewed, and then scheduled or sent:

5We've also added better support for multiple email addresses or distribution lists on the sending screen, to address feedback from some customers with unique sending requirements (i.e. a distribution list and a list of additonal emails).


Track and send through Gmail

If needed, emails created outside of the Bananatag Email Designer can still be tracked with Bananatag as before, through the Gmail compose window:


For text emails (or other types of email) the 'TRACK' option is still available inside of Gmail's compose window. When the 'TRACK' option is enabled here, any sent email will be tracked for opens and link clicks, in the same way your drafts are tracked.


Access your tracked email data in Bananatag

All resulting engagement data for your employee emails sent with Bananatag is recorded in your account in real time.

Access it at


Try the new Bananatag Gmail Extension today

Customers will see this update automatically, but you can also manually update through your browser settings (i.e. chrome://extensions/ for Chrome users).

If you're not using Bananatag yet, get a demo through the link below and start sending beautiful, optimized employee emails through Gmail!