Bananatag’s drag-and-drop email designer keeps getting better.

You can now easily upgrade any templates built in the previous version, Email Designer 2.0, to our new Email Designer 3. Converting your templates from our older version to the newest version will enable you to take advantage of Bananatag’s latest email design features.



Released as a beta in July 2019, Email Designer 3 is now officially Bananatag’s standard way to build emails in Outlook and Gmail.


The benefits of upgrading your email templates to 3

Converting your templates to the newest version of our Email Designer will allow you to take advantage of new email design improvements including:

  • Completely customizable blocks that allow for more flexibility in your designs
  • Enhanced styling and block settings
  • Options for adjusting spacing between all elements and blocks
  • Performance and speed improvements

Find out which version of the Email Designer you’re using


All email templates created with a legacy version of the Email Designer will be labeled with the version number beside the template name when you open the Email Designer. Templates created in Version 2.0 can now be converted to be fully compatible with Email Designer 3.



What to know before upgrading your templates

Upgrading any template automatically creates a draft that you can then open in Email Designer 3. Your original template will be retained in its original location and you’ll still be able to open it in Email Designer 2.0 without converting it.


How to upgrade your templates to Email Designer 3


1. Visit and login.

2. Navigate to the Templates window under Create.


3.Select the template you’d like to use in the new Email Designer, then select Create Draft


4. Then select Open draft with Email Designer 3. Name your draft and click Next. 



You’ve now created a new draft in Email Designer 3!  

5. Make sure to save your draft as a template for future use. Simply click the ‘Save as a template’ icon in the upper left corner and follow the prompts. 


The next time you select your new template in the Bananatag app or using our Outlook or Gmail integration, you’ll automatically enter into the Email Designer 3.


How to create new emails in Email Designer 3

The next time you’re creating a new draft or template from scratch, make sure to select Email Designer 3 for the best experience! 




Talk to your account manager if you have any questions. And if you’re not designing employee emails with Bananatag yet, get in touch below to try our most powerful Email Designer yet!