New for Enterprise users, User Permissions are a feature for controlling which individual Bananatag accounts (or users) can access specific email creation and reporting features.

User Permissions are helpful for managing collaboration on email design and reporting with large comms teams, and for working with individuals from other departments.

This feature introduces options that allow users with admin privileges to control which users have access to create and edit emails, and control which users have the ability to generate reports.

Note that this feature is limited to organizations on the Enterprise plan. Contact your Account Manager (or reach out through our website) our  for details on plans and pricing.


Modifying individual user permissions

Once enabled in your Bananatag account, users with access to this feature will see a new option over each individual account related to the organization (or their group) on the Team pageBy expanding the menu on the far right of each user, those users can then select Edit User to change permissions for another account:



Two permissions relating to email creation and reporting can currently be modified for each user here:


These are: the ability to Create/Edit email drafts and templates, and the ability to generate reports

After updating permissions for a user, you can also use the avatar icon next to the drop-down menu to log into that user's account and preview how these features will look for them.


What individual users will see based on their user permissions

Depending on a given user's permissions, they will have different access to features and will see slightly different options in Bananatag. 


Users without Create/Edit permissions

Users without Create/Edit permissions will only see drafts and templates others in their group have created (and also the resulting individual email reports in the Emails tab), but won’t be able to edit any of those designs, or create new drafts from scratch or from a template.

When this setting is changed for a given user, they will still have the option to send or schedule any previously existing drafts in their account:


By having the option to disable the ability for specific users to edit emails, your team can create emails for team members to schedule or send at any time, while remaining in control of the content.


Users without reporting permissions

Any user without reporting permissions who accesses the Reports section of their account will see a message letting them know they don’t have permission to access these reporting features:



These users will still be able to view individual email reports for emails that they or others in their group have sent, in the Emails section of the account.

With reporting permission options, you can restrict access to your overall account metrics for users who do not need or use these features.


How to enable User Permissions

User Permission options can be accessed by any user with a Parent Admin or Admin status, in the settings page of your Bananatag account:



Although the global settings to enable User Permission are only initially accessible by Parent Admins and Admins, the ability for Managers to modify user permissions for the users in their group is also enabled by default:



If required, a Parent Admin can remove the ability for Admins to modify any user, and also remove the ability for Managers to modify user permissions for their group in the User Permissions settings page. 


Try these new options in the settings page of your Bananatag account today!