When it comes to sharing articles in the newsletter, do employees prefer clicking through a big button, a thumbnail image, or link text?

With the new Clickmaps feature, you can now visualize where employees are clicking in your internal emails.


Bringing context to your email engagement

Your click metrics and top clicked links are useful for ranking your most popular content. Still, a report of your top links doesn’t always provide the full context of how employees interacted with your email.

Now, for sent emails, Clickmaps allow you to see exactly what you sent, and where the resulting clicks happened, right on the email View tab.

Here’s how it looks for an internal newsletter:



How Clickmaps work for employee emails

We built Clickmaps for our new Internal Comms plans to provide a more complete view of how employees engage with your email channel.

Clickmaps can be accessed in the View tab of any sent email draft in your account:


This information is automatically captured and available for customers on the Essential, Power and Enterprise Plan. For Outlook users, Clickmap data is collected for emails sent through the Bananatag sidebar, and not for messages sent through Outlook's compose window.

Note that Clickmaps are available for emails sent after this update, and not visible for your historical sent emails.

Read on for more details or try it in your account today


Viewing Clickmap data in your account

Clickmaps help you understand your recipients’ mindset as they interact with your email and help you diagnose your content in the context of how it was shared.

The percentages displayed on the Clickmap view show the portion of clicks that each link received:



Display Styles for Clickmaps

Color scales

Clickmap data is viewed on a color scale, with click overlays that become darker the more each specific link is clicked:


A number of color scales are available to ensure contrast with your email content when viewing Clickmap data.

Gray Out Email

Use the Gray Out option to view your email content in black and white mode, with a selection of colourful Clickmap overlays. 

Use Clickmaps to get a better understanding of how employees as a whole consume your content. Compare plans to see all of our latest features or get a demo through the link below!