Thanks to everyone who joined our webinar this week on Measuring Your Intranet in 30 Minutes with Google Analytics!

We hope you're one step closer to becoming Google Analytics measuring experts. In this webinar we covered the essentials on measuring your intranet with Google's very popular free tool. Check out the full recording below!

What's covered in the Intranet Measurement Webinar:

How's overall engagement on your intranet?

From the left hand menu of Google Analytics, we cover where to find how many sessions and users your intranet is getting. We also touch on pages/session -- all essential terms needed to understand how many employees are visiting your intranet at any given time.

What content are people interested in?

By filtering through the data in the Behavior tab, we outline the go-to reports for all things related to the pages on your intranet. What pages do employees most view? Or exit from? Get the metrics on the average time employees spend on any page of your intranet and your Bounce Rate (the percentage of site visitors that only viewed one page before leaving).

Who is using your intranet?

From Audience Overview, we show you how you can easily find out which device types and what specific devices employees are using to access your intranet, where they're located geographically and where they're coming from in terms of the other digital channels in your organization.

Bringing it all into one dashboard

To wrap it all up, we've created a research-backed Google Analytics dashboard template for your intranet. Get your own customized dashboard and save time measuring!

Download our Google Analytics intranet measurement dashboard here.

For more in-depth information, including how to set up your Google Analytics account and where to find every relevant report, take a look at the rest of our four part series of #measureIC, Measuring Your Intranet: