Back from an all too short visit to San Francisco, we had a blast at the IABC 2015 Conference!

Having the chance to meet some of the most influential faces behind communications around the world face-to-face was a pleasure, and the backdrop of beautiful San Francisco didn't disappoint either.

As always, we were ecstatic to hear about the ways internal communicators have been using Bananatag, and how the metrics they're gaining are helping them better understand engagement in their organizations. We were also excited to have the opportunity to introduce more communicators to Bananatag and learn more about we can help address other challenges they face in their organizations.

Throughout the week we attended presentations from some of the most charismatic leaders in the industry. If you were following the IABC15 hashtag on Twitter, you likely noticed that sharing useful ideas is a big part of what makes this conference so popular.

Below is a list of our top takeaways from the five keynote presentations:

"Different is better than better."

A quote from Sally Hogshead in her opening keynote on personal branding for communicators.

As much as this statement applies to brands that are keen to differentiate themselves from competitors, Sally stressed that finding and leveraging what makes your approach to communications unique is the best way to get noticed.

Drawing some clever comparisons, like the popularity of Jägermeister with it's questionable (but undoubtedly different) taste compared to other alcoholic spirits, made this presentation memorable.

"Money is not enough for the best people. People want purpose."

In his keynote, Aaron Dignan touched on the fact that work has always been about much more than compensation for employees, especially those who are predisposed to being engaged and valuable within their organization beyond their current role.

Internal communications is often what helps fill the gap and give employees purpose (and ultimately happiness), so it should never go unappreciated.

"Experience builds blind spots. Being new to something can often drive top performance."

- Liz Wiseman, on the importance of having a rookie mentality to solving problems and innovating in any role.

She went on to explain how inexperience is often a trigger for new questions and innovation from the best employees, regardless of what they know today. We thoroughly enjoyed this presentation, and echo Liz in saying, "Who wants a job they're totally qualified for anyways?"

"Strategy should fit on the back of a napkin, not a 100+ page document."

- Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, during his keynote on staying relevant to executive level members of your organization, keeping it simple, and focusing on the channels that are most important.

Bill also stressed the importance of making sure every interaction is meaningful and stripped down to only provide the information executives need to know, along with an approach that proposes solutions (rather than questions) out of the gate.

"Never do a live demo during a presentation."

- Guy Kawasaki, who offered up advice on a 'less is more' approach to nailing presentations (and also on avoiding unforeseen technical issues) based on his decades of experience in the tech sphere.

We also wanted to give a shoutout to Shel Holtz, who we had the pleasure of meeting and learning from in the Circle of Wisdom session on Sunday.

We were in great company at IABC 2015 and happy to be a part of the conference.

For anyone who didn't get a chance to meet our team, you can find out more about Bananatag and contact us through our website.

Stay in touch, and we'll see you next year IABC!