We love scheduling emails in Gmail and we think you will too. If you've ever saved an email as a draft with the intention of sending it later, you'll appreciate how easy it is to schedule emails right in Gmail with the latest version of Bananatag. Below are five benefits to scheduling your daily emails:

Send emails when they're most likely to be opened

It's easier to stay on top of your recipient's inbox when you schedule your emails. Even if  you're reaching out to a contact for the first time and unsure of their personal schedule, there is a good chance they're more likely to open your email if it arrives at certain times in the day. (For most users, open rates are highest earlier in the morning, or early in the evening.) Scheduling also gives you control over time zone differences, allowing you to time your messages when they're most likely to be opened, regardless of the recipient's location. Together with tracking and testing multiple subject lines, testing different email schedules gives you more metrics and opportunities to improve your overall email strategy (this is particularly useful for outbound sales emails).

Never hesitate when clicking send

We've found that often times, the current time gets in the way of sending a message. You may receive an email, have a response ready, but don't want to seem to eager by replying right away. Alternatively, you've been working late, and don't want your email's timestamp to read 2:05 AM when your recipient opens it the next day. Whatever the reason, there is no need to hesitate when you can quickly schedule your message for the following morning. Oh, and you'll never forget to send a draft that you wrote up the night before.

Work on your own schedule, communicate on your recipient's

If you know your recipient's schedule, you have all the more reason to benefit from scheduling emails to them. Know your boss is checking their email in a meeting right now, and want them to get your update later in the day when they're at their desk (when they're more likely to fully read it)? Or, maybe your team is busy at a tradeshow and you want to send them an update in the evening (after you've left the office). You're most productive on your own schedule, but you can also now easily accommodate your recipients'.

Scheduling emails can improve morale

Scheduling allows you to always acknowledge your coworkers' free time and avoid sending non-urgent messages during evenings and weekends. Whether they check their email during these times or not, they will likely be more receptive to emails received during business hours, and you get the benefit of being able to click send anytime that's convenient for you.

Enjoy more flexibility

Email scheduling makes your entire outbox more flexible. Once an email is scheduled with Bananatag, it appears in your Gmail drafts folder, right up until the scheduled time. You can easily click into your draft to change the message, recipients, or the scheduled time. Of course, if needed, you can also send your message immediately with one click.  One other benefit is that you're far less likely to forget to include attachments when you schedule your email.

In addition, Bananatag allows you to easily create recurring emails, useful for weekly or monthly meeting reminders.


Let us know how you plan to use email scheduling on Twitter and start scheduling your emails in Gmail with the Bananatag extension today!