Cold emailing can be a tricky game to play, especially when you're using the wrong format to close that big sales deal. Hopefully your email gets opened and read. And the ultimate goal? Getting a response. With spam crowding inboxes and busy prospects instantly deleting unfamiliar emails, that goal often seems impossible.

But with the basic tips and the right Email Template for any situation, you can turn your ice cold contacts warm as toast. Before you draft any cold email template, be sure to know these basic tips and instantly make your cold email game stronger than ever:

Quick Tips for Any Email Template:

  • Master the art of the subject line. Be specific and don't go over 50 characters.
  • Referring back to our post on authentic email templates, make use of idioms to maintain a casual tone while getting a message across.
  • Acknowledge that it's a cold email --  your honesty just might set you apart in the recipient's inbox.
  • Keep it short. No one has time to read a dissertation-long message.
  • Get specific with your call to action and make it powerful: when proposing a time to chat, suggest a specific time and medium.
  • Big ask? Downsize that. Make saying yes easier by suggesting a quick 15 minute phone call, Skype chat or Google Hangout -- time is money!
  • Remember it's not about you. Ask a question, create a dialogue so the recipient has something to respond to.
  • Be personal enough that the recipient feels compelled to continue the conversation.
  • Patience really is a virtue -- this ties in with downsizing your big ask. You want to avoid seeming brash and annoying; your interest is genuine, so prove it.

Note: We used bold in these Email Templates for emphasis. In your own cold emails, use bold sparingly to maintain a natural and authentic tone.


1. The Super Short and Sweet Pitch

No one loves a long email lingering in their inbox -- it's annoying and a big time suck when you have a million other tasks on your to-do list. The brevity and sharpness of this popular email template gets right to the point: "I want to connect, let's talk".

In the right situation, cutting out the clutter is the most effective tactic and a bit of brevity can also be a breath of fresh air. Try out the super short and sweet pitch as a cold email template and you might be surprised how powerful a few words can be.

5 Cold Email Templates for Sales- Short and sweet Pitch



2. The Praise and Bait

Start this email template with a compliment -- remember a touch of flattery goes a long way and this is a good way to warm up your prospect. Then, insert your pitch and reference a couple customers who have used your product/services and how you have significantly improved their business.

In the call to action, point out that you appreciate their time but you won't be wasting it because you have something important to offer. And as suggested earlier on in this post, get specific with the date and time you would like to connect; this makes things easier for your prospect since they don't have to search their calendar for a specific opening.

Take a look:

5 Cold Email Templates for Sales- Bait and Praise


3. The New Classic Email Template

If you've ever written a cold email, you know the classic formula. It starts with a greeting, a brief introduction, the short pitch, and call to action.

But The New Classic formula spices things up right at the end of the email, by offering up some ideas without giving any away. It shows you've already been working on ways to improve their company and since you're holding the best ideas at bay, they just have to reply. The addition of the tease near the end provides more incentive for a reply. It also shows you've done your homework on the company and you're prepared for a chat.

It looks something like this:

5 Cold Email Templates for Sales- 3


4. The Needs No Introduction

We're big fans of this template, mostly because it gets right to the point and modestly introduces yourself without saying too much. By linking directly to your company website, you bring traffic to the page, save your prospect some Googling time, and you can track clicks on your links with Bananatag click notifications.

Check out this powerful template and take note of the very first sentence:

5 Cold Email Templates for Sales- No intro



5. The Last Resort Email

This is great example of a follow-up email we've received. It instantly caught our attention (first goal achieved!) with the particularly casual tone and honesty.

Again, the shorter the better. The sender worked in an Idiom that made the email feel casual rather than pushy and brash, as cold emails often sound. Give this email template a shot when you have a prospect that's not necessarily going so well. Who knows -- maybe this unconventional last resort follow up might garner a warm response!

5 Cold Email Templates for Sales- last resort



Save and Send!

Once you've drafted your Bananatag email template, edit thoroughly before you save and send your email. This bit of the process is key to formulating a powerful cold email template that you can use, edit and reuse on a daily basis. And with Bananatag, you can see who opens your emails and when they're opened -- an essential tool for discovering which email templates work best for improving your sales.

You can get a jump start on your sales by adding these five templates to your Bananatag templates folder and watch your prospects warm right up. Happy emailing!