Like email tracking and scheduling, we think you'll find our new Snooze feature for Gmail both useful and addicting. Here are five types of emails we love to Snooze:

Long emails that deserve to be read

Some longer emails feel like a wall of text, especially during a busy day. This can be especially true for personal emails, which are also some of the most important emails we receive. When you know a message will take a while to read and you want to give it your full attention, snoozing it until later in the evening is a great way to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Notifications that aren't too urgent

While definitions of urgency may vary, we know it's better to be reminded again later than to sort through a bunch of flagged or starred emails. Whether it's an email notification that your bills are due three weeks from now, or the notice that your power might be cut, Snooze keeps you notified of your to-do list on your own terms.

One of the best ways to handle recurring notifications like bill payments is to snooze them throughout the month to arrive back in your inbox later, all at the same time (i.e. the 1st of next month at 7pm). This way, even with emails coming in throughout the month, you can receive these notifications and check them off your list all at once.

Upcoming event invitation emails

It's great to get a lot of notice for upcoming events, but you may find yourself not able to commit to a seminar a month in advance without knowing how the rest of your schedule will look. The same goes for upcoming concerts (or those handy emails letting you know when tickets to events will go on sale). Now you can easily have your invites redelivered to you closer to the date, when you're better able to RSVP.

Interesting stuff we'd rather read in the evening

We love some of the newsletters and articles that we get in our inbox, but we also know these are deliberately sent during working hours when we're most likely to be using our email already. It's not all noise though! For the newsletters or other content you'd rather read after dinner, Snooze is your new friend (with better timing than whoever wrote those emails).

Emails with links to funny YouTube videos

Sometimes even the best cat videos can wait! We'll watch those after we've finishing launching our next feature.


Most of all, we love Snooze because it's gotten us out of the habit of flagging emails that we'd rather read later, and keeps our Gmail organized. Try Snooze in your Gmail today!