Developers and Bananatag users rejoice -- today we're announcing the public release of our API!

Beginning with offering developers the ability to integrate data from emails tracking with Bananatag into third-party software and applications, our API will provide a complete Bananatag experience across countless platforms.

We're especially excited about our initial API release as it will make it easy for developers to integrate Bananatag data with third-party apps. We believe our API will allow developers to provide more utility to the data users get from tracking their daily emails.

What the API means for developers

In short, as a developer, you can now integrate Bananatag data! The Bananatag API allows you to easily retrieve account data on demand, and get aggregated metrics over specified periods of time. Developers will now have the ability to port Bananatag data to a dashboard, dynamic spreadsheet or KPI document, allowing user email tracking data to go further. We believe this functionality will help bridge any gaps between tracked email metrics and the other systems users rely on.

Read more below for information on our future releases that will support email tracking integration and push notifications too!

Ready to start building something awesome? Download the Bananatag API on our developer site.

How Bananatag users benefit from the API

There will now be availability of third-party integrations of Bananatag with the other software you use and love! This means that you'll be able to use the data from your Bananatag account in new ways, and likely in familiar environments through other software.

With integrations that will allow you to access to your tracked email data on demand through third-party apps, you'll be able to do more with the data you get from using Bananatag. For example, developers will now easily be able to add your open and click data for the interactions with your tracked emails into your specific CRM system or a custom dashboard.

With our future releases, developers will also be able to integrate email tracking functionality directly into third-party apps, as well as real-time notifications for interactions with your emails -- read more on that below.

Email Tracking integration and Push Notifications

The API will not only allow users access to their account data as outlined above, it will also provide methods to integrate with Bananatag’s core system.

The next method scheduled to be released will allow users to programmatically track and send emails. And, unlike most transaction email APIs, Bananatag works by sending tracked emails through your own servers -- meaning there is no change to how emails are received by recipients, and the records of each send will be in your outbox.

Push notifications are also coming soon, and will allow real-time notifications to be sent from our servers to yours on events such as email opens, email link clicks, or replies on tracked emails. Push notifications will enable organizations to integrate Bananatag into their internal systems and, coupled with the API, allow developers to create more integrations with third parties.
We're looking forward to experiencing many interesting and useful implementations of Bananatag with other email services, extensions, CRM modules, in-house systems and more!