Email Scheduling functionality is now available for all Bananatag users with Gmail, allowing emails to be sent later at preset or custom times, right from Gmail's existing compose window.


KELOWNA, BC, January 27, 2015 –, best known for individual and business email tracking software, has launched Email Scheduling, a new feature for Bananatag's popular Gmail Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

The integration with Gmail through Bananatag's latest extension provides a seamless experience for Gmail users, allowing emails to be sent later. Unlike other email tracking software, scheduled messages are easily accessible from the user's drafts folder, right up to the time they are scheduled to be sent. There is also added functionality to quickly and easily set up recurring emails (repeating daily, weekly, monthly or annually). Email Scheduling integrates with the email tracking features that Bananatag's existing users enjoy -- individual emails can be tracked, scheduled, or both tracked and scheduled simultaneously.

Email Scheduling is now available with unlimited use for all Bananatag user plans, including unlimited use for free users (while the product is in beta).

“We're excited about Email Scheduling because of the diverse applications the product will have. We see the importance of great timing in business and in life on a daily basis, and a better email scheduling experience was the logical next step for our product.” says Isaac Oslund of Bananatag Systems Inc.



Launched in 2012, is the email intelligence company. enables users to track their individual emails, as well as provides scaleable email analytics solutions for sales teams and internal communications departments. Bananatag's users know when their emails have been opened and how recipient are interacting with their message (including clicks on links within each email). Using, users in any industry can get actionable data that enables them to measure engagement with their emails and improve overall communications.


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