New Bananatag Teams will enable managers to view data from tracked emails across their organization, comparing individuals, groups of individuals and will allow them to run reports on data points they desire.

Bananatag Teams customers will be able to change how they do business with the first tool that brings this level of analytics and reporting on individual emails to team leaders.

KELOWNA, BC, June 25, 2013 –, the individual email tracking company, launched Bananatag Teams, empowering managers with true email insight. With new Bananatag Teams, managers will be able to view data from tracked emails across their organization. They can also run reports on, or compare team members against each-other, to see a summary of the data points they’re interested in.

Companies have traditionally not had access to email tracking and analytics for their teams email. With Bananatag Teams, managers can see exactly which team member’s emails have been opened, which links in the message have been clicked, as well as in depth information on who opened them. They can also run reports and compare team members to quickly identify the level of customer engagement and take steps to improve the team’s performance while  Google Analytics integration allows them to track which emails lead to action.

Although CRM’s provide a tool to measure activities, they weren’t designed to measure customer engagement with email, especially when there is no response from the customer. With Bananatag Teams, managers can view this information and run reports from their account, and their team has the flexibility to track their emails using Outlook, Gmail, or a combination of the two depending on their preference. Teams enables managers to quickly measure the team’s email productivity and make them more efficient.

“Bananatag Teams ties everything together. The reps gets the information they need to help close deals, while managers get the tool they need to manage and improve the entire team’s performance.” says Corey Wagner of Bananatag Systems Inc.



Launched in 2012, is the email intelligence company. enables users to track their individual emails, so that they know when they have been opened and how the recipient has interacted with their email. Using, users get actionable data that enables them to identify customer interest and improve follow-up.

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