We've added Custom Reports to Bananatag, so you can get the data you're interested in.

When you click Reports in your account, the menu will drop-down with some options.  There are some preset reports that are commonly used, but you can create your own by clicking "Custom Reports"

From that page you'll see the different Metrics you can choose as your main data points.  These are: Sent, Opens, Clicks.

Depending which option you choose you will be shown certain Dimensions that you can break down the data with.  For example, you cannot choose Location when the Sent metric is chosen since Location doesn't apply to the Sent Metric, but does for Opens and Clicks.

Then choose the Dimension and where applicable a more specific dimension that you would like to use to view the data.  Then click View Report.

The report will load below where you can either flip through pages, or click the Save & Export button to export the data to a ".csv" file which can be opened with Excel.  There is also a Preset button where you can select common reports to save time.