Who is affected

The recent changes only affect users using the .btag.it method to track their emails. If you are using our Gmail extension or Microsoft Outlook addin the changes will not affect you.

Send Direct is now mandatory when using .btag.it

Why the change? When sending with .btag.it without Send Direct the receiving mail server will see that the sender is different than your mail server and may affect deliverability.

With Send Direct enabled emails are sent through your server so there is no discrepancy and you can be sure your message is delivered. We feel this is important enough to make Send Direct mandatory for all users using .btag.it to send emails.

How to set it up

Well it's pretty simple. Just follow the directions in the link below. Note that there are separate instructions for setting up Send Direct for Gmail below.

Setting up Send Direct

Instructions for Gmail users

For those users using .btag.it with their Gmail accounts, you will need to re-authenticate your email with SendDirect in your Bananatag account.  We've implemented a new form of authentication with Gmail, which is their preferred method.

Setting up Send Direct for Gmail users

That's it for now. If you have any questions ask us here.

-Bananatag Team