Today we're releasing Snooze for Gmail so that everyone can enjoy a more organized and flexible inbox.

Ever get emails that you'd rather respond to later? Of course you do. Now you can hit the snooze button right from inside your Gmail on any message you receive, and schedule a reminder for anytime in the future to bring that message back to the top of your inbox.

Here's how Snooze works, why we love it, and how to use it today:

Snooze Email Reminders in Gmail

Once you're automatically updated to the latest version of Bananatag for Chrome or Firefox (or have installed Bananatag for the first time) you'll see a shiny new Snooze button above each email you receive in your inbox. Click it, and you'll see convenient preset times to be reminded about that specific email, as well as a calendar and freeform field to set a custom date and time if desired.

Email Reminders in Gmail with Snooze Screenshot

Once you click the green Snooze button inside the Snooze window, you're all done. The email will be re-sent to you at the date and time you specified. The email will also be removed from your inbox, but can be accessed from All Mail if needed.

Bananatag users that love our Gmail extension for tracking and scheduling emails will feel at home in this window, as it shares many elements with our email scheduling interface.


Email reminders are better than flagging emails

Previously, like many others, we found ourselves flagging or starring emails that we wanted to deal with later. The problem with this is that it's easy to flag lots of incoming emails and forget to actually respond. So, rather than giving messages priority, flagging can create a folder of emails no one wants to open again. Additionally, flagging emails is great for other purposes (like keeping messages marked for reference) and we wanted to keep it that way.

With Snooze, your inbox stays organized, and you get reminders for the emails you choose, on your terms. There are no limits to how many times you can Snooze the same message, and our extension won't even nag you to be less of a procrastinator.


Let us know how you'll use your Snooze button on Twitter, and get a free download of Bananatag for Gmail today!