How many times have you called a lead and had a great conversation on the phone that ended something like this:  “Wow, that sounds really interesting.  Can you send me an email with your information so that I can take a closer look?”  At this point you’re salivating (sort of) and say "Sure!"

The email gets typed up, links inserted and sent with a thank-you to the prospect, and you sit back and wonder when it is you’ll hear back from them.  After all, you sent them some really great information and interesting links. Have you ever wondered how many of those people actually clicked the link you sent? You might be surprised to find out the answer.

Recently a company logged some of their statistics and found that less than 20% of the emails they sent had a link clicked. That means that for all the people who were spoken to on the phone, and were “interested” in more information, only one out of five actually really looked at the information that they received. They also found something else that was interesting.  About 10% of the emails they sent that had links clicked, ended up being forwarded on to other individuals and offices of the company, sometimes producing over 30 clicks of the hyperlinks in the email. Many times this happened without ever getting a reply to the original email which prompts two questions.  Of all the emails you’re sending out with information, how many are actually being looked at?  And of the emails that are being looked at, which individuals were really interested, but just never told you?

We tend to like to think that when we send information (especially when it has been requested) that it does get looked at.  Unfortunately the numbers suggest that we probably tend to think more positively than reality actually plays out.  The good news is that when you track your links you know whether they have been looked at or not, so you can actually take action to improve your success and adjust your follow-up accordingly.  This means you can stop assuming they looked at the information you sent, and do something besides sit there and wait for a response...