One of our Bananatag Teams customers got in touch with a story about how email tracking helped them close a huge sale with a lead that wasn't even on their radar anymore, and it's a scenario we hear frequently:


Email Tracking and notifications from old emails

After using Bananatag to track a targeted email campaign to high value leads months ago, the company had a number of leads that had opened at least one email but didn't respond. After following up twice more, there was still no response and these opportunities were marked as lost.

However, recently they found that some of their emails had since been opened again, and also had clicks on the links within their emails that lead to their company's website. The sales reps received notifications for opens and clicks on their old emails through Bananatag, and it was clear from the activity that one of the leads they were most interested in was still shopping around for their products.

By following up again (in this case by phone) right as the tracked email notification came in, the sales rep knew that the lead they were calling was actively engaged with their products. More than with the previous emails, the sales rep was confident that the lead was interested as they had gone out of their way to find their old emails. Not only that, but it was clear that the lead had time to talk right then. This was the perfect opportunity to follow up.

By taking advantage of this situation, they were able to start a great (and seemingly coincidental) conversation about their business. After taking the time to address all questions, the sale was won.

Serendipity in sales with tracked emails

The best part of this scenario is that the follow up seems completely coincidental to the lead -- really just a quick phone call or email to check in and ask if they're still interested. Yet, the follow up is happening at a time when a sales rep knows the lead is engaged with an email that was sent previously. Not only is the conversation very likely to be positive, it also has an unexplained feeling of serendipity. Suddenly a sales force can be in the right conversation at the right time, available and present when their business is top of mind.

This scenario is another example of how email tracking can increase motivation in sales outside of the direct feedback we expect when sending out tracked email campaigns. Particularly for companies selling products or services that have a longer buying cycle, or for competitive industries with customers that are comparing different companies, this strategy can lead to more sales even if they were once thought to be unlikely to close.

How smart email notifications work

Bananatag users will know that although every interaction (unique/repeat open and click) is visible in your Bananatag account, email notifications for tracked emails to your inbox are by default only sent for the first open and click by a recipient. This is done to avoid an overwhelming number of email notifications for sales reps. However, we've implemented smart notifications specifically for scenarios as outlined above -- if a recipient shows unexpected activity that may be of interest to the sender (such a repeat open a month after receiving an email) a notification is immediately sent. Additionally, if a new unique open is registered (i.e. an email is forwarded and then opened) a notification will also be sent.

Find out more about email tracking for sales teams, and make sure you always have the data you need to close more sales!