I truly believe that tracking emails leads to a more motivated workforce, and here's why:

Reaching out by email can be discouraging

Reaching out by email, whether related to sales or accounts receivable, inevitably leads to many ignored messages/rejections each day, and usually a much smaller number of positive responses. This ongoing deficit of positive events can drain the motivation of your team members.

We love the metrics you get from tracking your emails and there are loads of reasons to track your emails to improve your chances of closing deals -- from seeing open response times to being able to track views of email attachment links. Possibly the most important benefit of tracking emails (and also the most overlooked) is the attitude boost for the sender.

Email tracking increases motivation

Recently, reaching out to some cold leads who hadn't responded previously, some of our reps sent out tracked emails to which they (again) received no response. They did, however, get open notifications for these messages, as well as notifications for clicks on links that they had sent in the emails. The enthusiasm generated by knowing that the recipient had actually engaged with the message and looked at the links was greater than the utility of the data itself. The excitement wasn't caused by the metrics themselves or the thought of using them to plan a better follow-up.  The excitement was caused by receiving  positive feedback where there otherwise would have been none.

Particularly when selling products and services which have a longer buying cycle, or for ongoing follow ups, tracking emails lets you know that recipients are engaging with your emails even if they're not ready to respond today. Rather than getting discouraged, this data can motivate future action.

Ongoing results over time

In a role where you're faced with rejection or avoidance throughout the day, tracking helps offset this by letting you know about successes you didn't know were happening. People who get these positive successes during the day are more motivated to do their job. Tracking isn't just about analytics and data, it's about the accumulation of small wins which are uplifting and motivating every day.

When you're in a good head space and you're motivated, your productivity significantly increases. On top of that, you're more successful at the projects you are working on. When you multiply this out over weeks and months (and across your team) it can have a huge impact on you, and your business's success.

If you're in doubt, we dare you to start tracking with Bananatag. We're confident you'll be hooked the moment you get your first link click notification.