Technical recruiting in the Silicon Valley is a full contact sport. Skilled candidates are difficult to engage and highly sought after. Working as a technical recruiter at Glassdoor and VMware it was normal to spend most of the week building a prospect list of a few hundred technical candidates.

After spending much of my time prospecting, I invested more time writing the perfect customized message before hitting send. For the next few days I checked my inbox for responses like a kid waiting on Christmas.

To find nothing. Just crickets. Occasionally a new email notification would get my hopes up. Nope, just another internal email. I was frustrated by the lack of results. To make matters worse I sent really lame (borderline terrible) follow up messages to my prospects -- I'm sorry if you received one of these.

I followed up with prospects at random. There were times I was too busy and forgot to follow up. The worst is trying to write a compelling follow up message weeks after my first message. I didn't have a good tool to track my cold emailing efforts.

Eventually I gave up on prospects and focused on searching for new prospects, continuing to repeat this broken process with limited results. Had my prospects received my message? I didn't know. Were they opening it? Was my subject line off putting? Did they visit the links I included?

I didn’t know any of these things but I needed to improve. I started looking for a simple tool to help. That's when I found Bananatag.

It's completely changed my cold emailing and recruiting game.

7 things I love about email tracking and email scheduling

1. The ability to measure all outgoing emails

I can easily see from bananatag’s dashboard how many people I have contacted week over week, so I can measure results based on how many emails I've sent.

2. Seeing when people open an email

This is huge if you are a recruiter. Now I know when prospects are getting eyeballs on my message. Email Opens signal at minimum that your subject line is effective. (The Bananatag Pro and Teams plans gives you even more awesome details like where email were viewed and on what type of device.)

I was able to see that 87% of my prospects open my messages on their desktop. Now I customize send time and message length for desktop viewing.

3. Tracking clicks in emails

You can see the links and where I placed them in my message.

Bananatag let's you know when someone clicks through a link. This tells me more about my prospect, helping to qualify their level of interest in my message and status as a prospect.

4. Re-open notifications for tracked emails

This is a pretty neat feature in Bananatag. When you have prospects re-opening a message multiple times, it signals that they found value in something you included in your message.

Anyone can use this information to improve future messages.

5. Using tracked email data to improve messaging

I learned that if I'm getting my message opened and I'm not getting clicks or replies, I need to continue to change and test my message until I get more clicks and responses.

Tracking these changes is super simple with Bananatag.

6. Knowing the best time to follow up

I've started noticing trends with opens and replies on follow up messages. There are now times I sent a follow up at a certain time of day and I receive a response in minutes. Score! Even from prospects who hadn't responded to my first few emails, perfecting the timing of a follow up is huge.

I also learned to follow up more frequently. Before using bananatag, I was following up sporadically. Now I have a few go-to rules for following up on messages.

7. Scheduling emails with Send Later & Snooze

Bananatag makes it easy to schedule emails to be sent later in the day or later in the week. I like to schedule emails to be delivered when I'm working out in the gym, or first thing in the morning before my prospects wake up.

And if you have emails in your inbox you need to read or reply to, but not right when you read them, use Snooze! I use Bananatag Snooze to move emails out of my inbox for a few hours or days, at least until I'm ready to read or respond to them. These features help keep my inbox at zero, making me more productive and less stressed.
My cold recruiting emails continue to improve thanks to Bananatag!


Clinton                           Buelter

Clinton Buelter is the founder of ColdEmailForRecruiters.

He’s a tech recruiter turned entrepreneur. With more than six years of recruiting experience, starting at a staffing agency and working his way into technical recruitment for software companies like VMware and Glassdoor.

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