We just released a new feature that's been a popular request, and wanted to share it with everyone so you don't miss out.  Ever wondered if there was a way that you could filter Tags?  Well now you can!

We've added a drop-down menu at the top-right above the Tags that lets you filter them a few different ways.

Here are some of the options that are now available to you.


All Tags

While not really new, this is the default option, which shows you all Tags, with the newest at the top.


All Opened Tags

Displays only Tags that have been opened.  This will also include any Tags that have been opened and where a link has been clicked in the email.


All Tags with Links Clicked

Displays only Tags that have had a link in them clicked.


All Tags without Opens

Displays only Tags that have had no action on them (No Opens, No Clicks).


All Tags with Links

Displays all Tags that contained a hyperlink tracked with Bananatag, whether or not is was clicked.