We're excited about scheduling! The latest version of Bananatag for Gmail now supports email scheduling. Along with tracking your emails with Bananatag, you can now also easily schedule emails to be sent later, and set up recurring emails -- right from Gmail.


Make sure you have the latest version of the Bananatag extention for Chrome or Firefox. You should see a new Send Later button in the compose window.


Step 1: Click Send Later

Once you've composed your message, instead of clicking Send, click Send Later.

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

Step 2: Set your schedule

You can use this window to quickly set when the email should be sent, using one of the presets for the next day, or by setting a custom date and time using the calendar or custom input field.

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

Recurring Emails: You can also use the schedule window to create recurring emails, using the Recurring button. Here you can make the current email repeat daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

Step 3: Click Schedule

Your email is now scheduled! The email will be saved in the drafts folder, right until the time it is scheduled to be sent. You can easily access the email by clicking the draft and make any changes, if needed.

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

Free Email Scheduling for all Bananatag Plans!

Unlimited Email Scheduling is included in all of our plans -- including our free plan (while in Beta). Together, tracking and scheduling emails with Bananatag allow you to have full control of when your message is delivered, notifications when your email is opened, as well as notifications for clicks on any links within your email.

Get a free download of Bananatag for Gmail to start scheduling your emails today!