Our new Attachment Tracking feature allows you to see how your recipients are viewing the files you attach to your email, page-by-page. Here's how to get started with tracking your attachments.

Attachment Tracking is available for users with a Bananatag Pro plan.

Tracking Attachments with the Upload and Attach button

Make sure you have the latest version of the Bananatag extention for Chrome or Firefox. You should see new features in the compose window, including the Track, Upload & Attach, and Templates buttons.

Use the Upload & Attach button to add your attachment, and click Send:

How to track attachments in Gmail Step 1

That's it! Your attachment is now tracked.

If you're using our new Email Templates features, you can also save templates which include attachments so these are inserted and tracked along with your template.

How Recipients view Tracked Attachments

Your attachment will be included in the body of your email just like always, and once clicked, will open in a viewer on your recipients desktop or smartphone browser:

How to track attachments in Gmail Step 2

For files with multiple pages or slides, a number of events are recorded:

  • Total time spent viewing the file
  • Time spent on each page or slide
  • The order that pages or slides were viewed
  • Download events, and which page they occurred on
  • Print events, and which page they occurred on
  • The type of device and browser that was used to view the file
  • The approximate location the file was viewed from


Viewing the Engagement with Tracked Attachments

As always, you'll get a notification from our service when your email is opened. For tracked emails which you've sent which included attachments, you can click through this Open Notification to view all details for that email, including engagement with the attached file:

How to track attachments in Gmail Step 3

File Events are displayed in the tag view, below open and click details:

How to track attachments in Gmail Step 4

In the example above, we see that a recipient quickly viewed this PDF presentation for 27 seconds on an iPhone, and that they scrolled through nearly all of the slides (90%) before closing it on their device.

Managing Attachments in Gmail

Using the Manage Attachments function, accessible by clicking the upward arrow beside the Upload & Attach button, an interface is available to re-insert files which have been used previously.

How to track attachments in Gmail Step 5

There are two main benefits from using this interface to attach files you plan on sending more than once -- you will no longer need to re-upload the files you send most often, and the engagement data for each view will also be aggregated to show you how each attachment is being viewed by all recipients that have received it.
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