Now that you have a Bananatag account and you are seeing the results of your Tracked emails, it is time to put that data to use. Using your Bananatag metrics and a few simple tricks you will be able to maximize your email efficiency.

When you log in to your account, you immediately see your dashboard which provides you with a basic overview of all the emails that you have sent including what percent of emails are opened, have links clicked, and how many of your opens are repeats. These metrics are important in telling you which of your emails are attracting the most opens and clicked links. With this data you can optimize your emails by finding out which tactics and strategies are working for you and which are not.

More in depth data can be found by clicking the metrics tab on the left of the page. You will be redirected to the metrics overview page that will show you a summary of all your activity. Be sure to monitor your Desktop vs Mobile clicks. If you're receiving any mobile clicks it is important to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile viewing. For more in depth details on your sent emails make sure to use the sidebar menu on the metrics overview page.

The click insights page will show you the Unclicked vs. Clicked links. These important statistics will help you to determine which links clients are interested in and which they are not.

Tip: When adding links to your emails follow these best practices:

  • Limit links in the message
  • Make the links you use enticing and clear
  • When possible, employ simple URLs. For example, is much friendlier to read than
  • Links are best isolated on their own lines in the text content, with “white space” above and below
  • In your text, get to the point quickly – have the first "action" link within the first three paragraphs of text

The open insights page shows you the percentage of emails are opened vs. those that are unopened. Using your recent activity graph you will be able to see the emails that are attracting higher amounts of opens. Using this information you can adjust your strategies to increase your open rate.

Tip: To encourage readers to open your email, the subject line needs to be straightforward. To convert opens to click-throughs, the subject line must be truly representative of the content.