Many of our sales users love Bananatag for their prospecting and qualification of leads, early on in the sales cycle. Of course, your team doesn't stop tracking their emails there.

This article is about using email tracking later on in the sales cycle, to close deals with prospects who've already expressed interest in buying. These are the prospects that have been qualified, have tried the product, and are in the final stages before becoming customers.

There's an art to closing, and a few ways to help ensure deals aren't lost at this critical time.

Addressing final objections

Even if you've done everything to try to close the prospect, they may still have underlying objections (either personally or from others in their company). Sales is about asking the right questions, and email tracking can help.

For complex buying decisions, we find it helpful to note any potential objections and send supporting links related to addressing those. This may seem obvious, but the benefit comes from tracking the engagement with these links. Strategically sending multiple links (i.e. to articles or support documents) can often help explain behavior, and repeat clicks on the same link can indicate which are the most important considerations.

In these cases it helps to be very descriptive of your links in your email, so each tracked click is more indicative of the intention of your prospect clicking.

Following up strategically

You never want to let your conversation slip off a prospect's radar, but everyone gets too busy sometimes. Seeing when opens or clicks on your email occur is a great way to time your follow ups, without being too pushy.

At this point in the sale, you might be excited to hear back first thing in the morning. Email tracking saves you from following up before they've even had a chance to open your most recent message.

Tracking proposals to completion

It's motivating to know when your prospect has opened your final proposal or quote, and the analytics can explain some of the behavior you're not able to see otherwise.

A new unique open on an email suggests shows your prospect has forwarded your proposal. Often times, we get notifications of new opens in other cities, suggesting a lead is in the approval process higher up with corporate. Even if no action is required on your end, it can be reassuring to see this kind of engagement.

Taking it offline for the win

What about closing deals over the phone? Of course calling to close is a great idea. But when to call is a question that's more fuzzy. Rather than just defaulting to calling during business hours, the data you get through Bananatag can help determine when you'll be much more likely to reach your prospect at a great time.

If you call after an open or a click of your email, you know it's a time when they're engaged with your message and inherently more likely to be available to discuss the details.
The conversations right before getting to yes are some of critical aspects the sales process. This is also when an open or click on a tracked email can be more exciting than ever. Always use the data available for your emails and follow through.

Cue the celebration music -- business has been executed!