With the sheer volume of conversations you deal with on a daily basis, it's easy to get caught up in the "selling" and forget to listen to what the other person is telling you.  As you get more comfortable, over time you're likely to start glazing over the listening, so make sure to keep the below points in mind and keep listening in your conversations.

Don't assume you know their problem.

Once you've talked to a few hundred people about your product, you've likely heard many, if not most, of the issues you'll encounter during the sale.  Be careful not to assume that they fit into one of those boxes.  Not only is everyone different, times also change and the problems of yesterday aren't necessarily the problems of today.

Knowing everything can hurt.

Sometimes "having all the answers" keeps you from exploring new ideas and possibilities.  While it's good to be knowledgeable, remember to keep room open for learning new things.  Be careful not to push answers for questions that were never asked.

Ask questions

If you listen well you'll find that people will often tell you what their problem is.  Sometimes it might be buried a little deeper and you'll need to ask some questions to dig deeper.  Listen carefully to pick up on this and after asking questions make sure to listen extra carefully to the answers.  It may take a few tries to get to the heart of the issue, but if you're patient and attentive you'll be able to find the real problem and know what you're actually trying to solve.

You might learn something

Taking the time to listen might reward you with thoughts on the market, ideas, or even suggestions.  Having outside perspective is a great thing that companies actually pay for.  If given the opportunity, why not take advantage of it and get that information for free?

Keep in mind that every conversation will be slightly different and will require a different approach.  By really listening, you'll not only find out what you need to overcome to make the sale, but you'll also learn new things about your market and your product.  Remember, Be an Expert, Consult, Don't Sell.  Every conversation is unique so make sure to listen to what is really being said.