There are a lot of practical daily uses for email scheduling, but one that we've discovered users taking advantage of recently is a bit different.. Yes, email scheduling can be used to easily create digital time capsules!

A digital time capsule is way of sending yourself (or anyone else) a snapshot of your life today through a personal collection of file attachments. Your message can include notes for your future self, photos, and even audio and smaller video files.

Email scheduling gives you the ability to schedule emails to be sent later, and this functionality is available for Gmail through our email tracking extension. With Bananatag, there is no limitation as to how far in the future you can schedule emails to be sent, which is what allows a digital time capsule to be scheduled to arrive any time -- even in a few decades!

What you'll need:

This part is pretty simple! To send yourself a digital time capsule, you'll need the following:


What to include in your digital time capsule:

Now the fun part -- putting your time capsule together. Since you're essentially sending yourself an email, your time capsule can include a message body and attachment files in any format.

Here are some ideas for getting started:

  • Photos of yourself, family and friends
  • A voice recording or a personal memo
  • An MP3 of your favorite song from the past year
  • A list of goals you'd like to achieve by the time you open your time capsule
  • Screenshots of current news articles
  • A photo of the (soon to be archaic) computer you're sending your message from

Although you can simply attach files to an email, collecting and sending your files to a single .zip file may make it easier to ensure you've included every file you'd like to attach and are within your file size limit. Currently Gmail supports attachments up to 25MB in size, which should accommodate a large number of text files, some photographs, and even some audio or short video files. (If attachment size is limiting your creativity, you can also schedule your time capsule in more than one email.)
A note For Google Drive users: If you have Google Drive set up, you have the ability to use use your cloud storage along with Gmail's Insert Files using Drive button (found in the Gmail compose window) to get around the default attachment limit and attach files as large as 10GB. If you do decide to use cloud storage to schedule emails with larger attachments, remember that you will need to continue to have the files you're attaching in your Google Drive folder until your email is scheduled to be sent.

How to schedule an email to be sent in the future:

The Send Later button that is visible in your Gmail after installing Bananatag can be used to easily schedule your time capsule (or any other email you'd like to send later).

Instructions for how to schedule emails are available on our blog, and it's only a matter of a few clicks from the compose window. To schedule your time capsule, you'll want to use the Custom field or the calendar to set a date beyond the preset options, well into the future. See below for an example:

Digital Time Capsule in Gmail using Email Scheduling

Once you click Schedule, this time capsule email will be scheduled to arrive 10 years from today!

You can also add multiple recipients to your scheduled email when you're composing it, allowing your time capsule to reach multiple recipients at the scheduled time!

More ideas for scheduling digital memories

Although we now likely create more digital files than ever thanks to our phones and tablets, they often end up just sitting on a memory card. The ability to schedule emails into the future opens up a lot of interesting ways to takes the memories we're constantly capturing and deliver them at important times. Like a perfectly-timed package, email scheduling creates a new way to have messages and files delivered on birthdays, anniversaries and more.
Try it today, and let us know how you're using email scheduling in Gmail with Bananatag!