Our most popular email tracking integration has a new look, and the features you love in Gmail are faster and more intuitive than ever.

This update is available for all users on Free, Pro and Teams plans, and will be automatically updated through your browser.

A new streamlined look for Gmail

Our product team has been pushing pixels and perfecting code to provide a better experience across the features you rely on in Gmail.

Email Templates

We’ve moved the Track Email, CRM Sync, Tracked Files, and Templates buttons above the Gmail formatting ribbon to make it easier to quickly find the features you use in Bananatag.

Email Scheduling

Email Templates

Existing users will be familiar with the new Email Scheduling interface, which has been updated to match our redesigned Gmail interface.

Email Templates

Email Templates

Over the last few months we’ve been rolling out improvements to our Email Templates features to make it easier than ever to use, so you'll never have to write the same email twice.

Attachment Tracking

Email Templates

Available for Pro and Teams plans, our Attachment Tracking feature has been separated from the Gmail ribbon to prevent confusion with Gmail’s native paperclip attachment button.

Tracked files makes it clear whether or not you’re attaching a file to be tracked with Bananatag or attaching a file without tracking through Gmail’s attachment interface.


Existing users will get the updated Gmail extension automatically, but you can also manually update through your browser settings (chrome://extensions/ for Chrome users).