Along with launching Email Templates this month, we've also just released one of our most powerful new features to date -- Attachment tracking for Gmail.

Attachment tracking allows you to get a wealth of new insight on how recipients are interacting with the documents attached to your emails. Along with adding an easy way to manage attachments in Gmail, we've developed new analytics to show you exactly how recipients are viewing PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets and more.

Tracking attachments in Gmail

Tracking attachments is as simple as using the new Attach & Track button on the Bananatag bar in the compose window. You can attach any type of file in two clicks. The new interface also allows you to manage attachments and re-insert attachments you've used before without having to upload them again.

New analytics for tracked email attachments

Along with letting you know once someone has opened your email or clicked any links, Bananatag will now also show you once a recipient has opened your attachment, how they interacted with it (and for how long), and if they downloaded or printed it.

All of this engagement data is summarized into a heatmap, visible for each view of your attachment:

Attachment tracking analytics

For the example PDF above, the graph is broken down into each individual page and coloured to represnt how long each was viewed for. Clicks on links within documents are recorded on the page they happened, as are download events.

The bar below the page details shows you the order pages were viewed, with a colour scale representing the document from start to finish and recording jumps between pages.

Supported File Types

Any type of email attachment supported by Gmail can be tracked! Page-by-page engagement data as shown above is available for pdfs, word docs, presentation files and spreadsheets. For other file types, you'll still see if the attachment was viewed, printed or downloaded in real time.

Unlimited Attachment Tracking is available to users with a Bananatag Pro or Teams Account.