In preparation for the Bananatag Teams release, a new extension has been released which allows for greater functionality, flexibility, as well as error handling.  The new extension will slowly be rolling out across the user base.  If you'd like to continue using the old extension you'll be able to revert to it for the time being, but over time it will be phased out.

Tracking Default

When composing a message you'll see a new Bananatag bar appear below the Send button in Gmail.  Rather than you having to click Tag each time you'll now be able to set whether your emails are tracked by default.  To change whether the emails are tracked by default click the "change default" button next to Track Email.


The new extension also allows you to have your tracked emails forwarded to your CRM.  To find out more about this feature see the how-to on CRM Sync.  The default setting for this can be changed by click Bananatag at the top of the Gmail page and selecting Extension settings.

Settings Menu

The new extension gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of tracking options and how they are set by default.

From the settings menu you can quickly get to your Bananatag Dashboard, view and change settings for the extension, check the status of the extension, Upgrade your account, or view the Help Center.

Clear Settings will clear settings stored in your extension.

CRM Integration sets whether the CRM Box in compose is available and able to be used.

Tracking Checkbox determines whether tracking will be On of Off by default in messages.

CRM Checkbox determines whether the CRM BCC'ing option will be On or Off by default in messages.

Track Links determines whether hyperlinks in the message will be tracked, or whether only Open tracking is used on the message. 

We're really excited about all the possibilities the new extension brings and the greater stability it will provide.

Reverting the Extension

Just plain don't like it and want to revert to the old extension?

If you would like to temporarily go back to the old extension you can download it from the "Resources" section in your account.