Timing is everything.

We're excited to announce the latest version of Bananatag for Gmail now features email scheduling!

Scheduling is a powerful feature that lets you send emails when you're most productive, with the ability to have your message received (and opened) at the best time possible -- all from within your existing Gmail account in Chrome or Firefox. We think Scheduling is going to make perfectly timed emails a big part of a better world:




Email Scheduling from Bananatag

We built Scheduling to be intuitive and flexible. Within seconds, a message can be scheduled to be sent at a preset or custom time, right from Gmail's compose window.  Existing users will see the new Send Later button in Gmail, and new users can download Bananatag for Gmail to use Scheduling.

Unlike other email scheduling extensions, you always have access to your scheduled messages right from your drafts folder in Gmail, right until the time they are scheduled to be sent. This makes it easy to see all emails that have been scheduled, as well as make any changes to scheduled message if needed.

Scheduling also works seamlessly with Bananatags Email Tracking, allowing you to both track and schedule your emails. We've also added functionality to set up recurring emails, allowing email to repeat at regular intervals.


Free Email Scheduling for all Bananatag Plans!

Unlimited Email Scheduling is included in all of our plans -- including our free plan (while in Beta). Make sure you have the lastest version of  Bananatag for Gmail installed and start scheduling today!