Today we’re excited to launch our new Outlook add-in, enabling lightning fast email templates!

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A new, faster experience in Outlook is now available

The latest version of our Outlook Add-in supports Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016. The first thing you'll notice the new look. Every element of the user interface has been updated to be easier and snappier to use, and to create a seamless experience with the new Bananatag Account.

We've also added a sidebar to Outlook for easy access to new features. (The sidebar can be opened from both the inbox and compose windows in Outlook.)

The addition of email templates for Outlook allows you to save time by automating your outbox and gives you the ability to send personalized emails to recipients with just a few clicks.

The new version of the add-in is a big upgrade for Outlook users, and you can download the latest version at

Fast Email Templates for Outlook

Templates are the fastest way to use Outlook. Ideal for any email you send regularly, with Templates it’s now possible to automate outreach and follow up, right inside Outlook. This feature can be accessed from the sidebar.

To create a new template, just create or choose a folder to store the template in, click +, and follow the on screen fields to name your template, define a subject line, and then compose your message.

The sidebar in both the inbox and compose windows allows you to insert templates you’ve created in the past, and also displays the historical average open rate and click rate for email templates you’ve already tracked and sent:

Inserting email templates in Outlook  and tracking emails

Note: If you've already created email templates inside your Bananatag account, those will be accessible inside the Outlook sidebar as well.

Using variables in Outlook Email Templates

Along with the new templates interface, the latest version of the Bananatag Outlook add-in allows the use of pre-set variables like first name, last name, as well as custom variables.

Variables can be inserted when creating your template and are filled out automatically or manually when you use the template:

Email templates and Email Tracking for Outlook
Note: For pre-set variables (first name and last name) to populate automatically, your recipient’s email address must be entered in the compose window before inserting the template.

Tracking Emails in Outlook

The process for tracking emails from Outlook is identical as with previous versions of Bananatag. Just make sure Track Email is selected for any email you’d like to get notifications and data for. The default behavior of this button can be adjusted in the add-in settings.

As always, you’ll be notified when a tracked email is opened by your recipient, or if any links in your email are clicked, with additional details like device type and location in the email notification itself.

Viewing email analytics in your account

Your Bananatag account is where all of your tracked emails data is stored, including detailed metrics on opens, clicks, device type, location and more:

Bananatag email analytics data for tracked emails

Log in to your Bananatag account to access all of your account data.

Where did the Link Manager go?

Existing Bananatag users may remember the Link Manager, which was used to insert commonly used links into emails from Outlook. With the latest version of the add-in, we've dropped the Link Manager in favour of our more robust templates features.
Get a free download of the latest version of Bananatag for Outlook today!