Bananatag now supports email tracking through our new SMTP Relay Service, allowing anyone to to easily set up Bananatag for any desktop or mobile mail client. With the addition of this service, Bananatag offers completely seamless email tracking through any mail client.

For Gmail and Outlook users, we recommend using the Bananatag Gmail Extension and Banantag Outlook Addin. For users of any other desktop or mobile mail client, or for users previously using the method to track emails, the SMTP Relay Service offers several key benefits. SMTP Relay tracking is available for all Bananatag plans (including the free plan, while in beta). Watch our short video, and get instructions for setting up your mail client below:

Track Emails from Any Desktop or Mobile Client

By configuring your mail through Bananatag's SMTP Relay, you can track outgoing emails through your existing mail client, without the need for any additional software. Setup is simple, with only minor changes needed to your user-accessible mail settings. iOS and Android devices are also easy to set up, allowing you to track emails from an iPhone, iPad or Android without needing to install a standalone app.

Once set up, all outgoing emails are tracked automatically, and open and click notifications for each tracked email are sent to your inbox. Your Bananatag account (accessible through your browser) lets you view details for all of your tracked emails as well as overall metrics.

Visit our Help Center through the links below for instructions on setting up SMTP Relay on the popular clients below, as well as for instruction on setting up your Bananatag account:

The steps outlined in the articles above can also be applied to other similar mail clients including Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Lotus Notes and many others.

Track Emails to Multiple Recipients

Using Bananatag's SMTP Relay Service, you can now get individual open data by email address for tracked emails that are sent to multiple email addresses. This functionality lets you know precisely who opened your emails and when, even if an email has multiple recipients. There is no change required to how the email is sent, and your email open and email click notifications will now contain the email of the recipient that took each action.

How the Bananatag SMTP Relay works:

By configuring your outgoing mail server to use the Bananatag SMTP Relay as outlined above, your email is sent through your own server. Other tracking services send your email through their server which is much more likely to result in messages being marked as spam. With Bananatag, there is no change to your message or email address for your recipient, so your emails come from you.

Differences from

With the introduction of the Relay Service, we are phasing out support for the tracking method. This method will still function as previously, however our focus for supporting mobile and other mail clients will be through the SMTP Relay. Some key benefits of setting up tracking on the client level over include ease of use, and better preservation of your contacts' email addresses (without the need to append email addresses with

A note for Bananatag Free Users

For users on a free plan, your first 5 emails each day will be automatically tracked. If you require more daily tags, the Bananatag Pro account offers 100 tags per day, and the Bananatag Teams Plan offers 200 tags per user per day. Alternatively, you can select which emails you’d like to track within your daily limit using by creating and switching between multiple accounts (with and without tracking) in mail clients that support multiple outgoing profiles.