Email is still the best tool for prospecting new clients and making the sale. The key to successfully leveraging your outbound emails into sales is persistence.  It’s rare to be successful on a first attempt, so follow-up emails are important. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to give up on following up for fear of bothering your potential client.

The 1-2-3 pitch

Your first email is SPAM. Think about the times that you have received an email from a company that you didn’t know. How many times have you opened it and clicked the links? Not very often right? Now think about your recipients, just like you, they are assuming that first email is an auto-generated piece of spam. If you stop after the first email you’ll be missing out on a potential sale.

Your second email is the clincher and will likely be the one that catches your recipients attention. After receiving your second message, your recipient will hopefully recognize the name on the email and see that you are not just a robot set on filling their inbox with unsolicited messages.

By the third email you’ve established yourself as a real person who is interested in providing them a good or service that will improve their business or life in someway. A general rule of thumb for your outbound email prospecting is to send out at least three messages. Anything less will strip you of the opportunity to establish a relationship with your recipient.

This strategy only works if you keep your messages short and you make sure the messaging flows from one email to the next. Don't just recycle the same copy for all three emails. It's lazy and now you're just imitating a spam bot.

Don’t give up

Think of your outbound emails like a new pair of shoes. While they may not be the most comfortable the first few times you wear them, once they are broken in, they may end up being your favorite pair. Emailing a new client also requires some time and, yes, there might be some blisters along the way but in the end it will be worth it.

Just because you don’t receive a reply from your first few messages doesn't mean that your recipient is not interested. Luckily there are other ways to gauge interest besides receiving a reply. By using an email tracking tool like Bananatag you will be able to track how your recipients are interacting with your emails giving you the ability to follow up with them at an appropriate time and see what products or service they are interested in. Having this knowledge will make following up the next time that much easier. Remember the key is not to give up but to equip yourself with the tools that will help you get the job done.


There is a fine line between being effective with your emails and going overboard.  If you’re going to reach out multiple times you need to be effective in your communication and be very aware of your tone.  Ten pushy emails, no matter what the product, will likely end up in a upset recipient.  If you’re respectful of the people you’re emailing they will let you know if your product will work for them. In fact, if you’ve sent more than three emails and aren’t receiving responses, take this as a sign to look at your messaging, it may be time to make some changes.