If you've been using Bananatag to track your sales emails, you're likely not only receiving tracked email notifications, but are also using the metrics in your Bananatag account to look at overall interaction with your outbound emails. The metrics in your account allow you to see statistics and run reports on your outbound emails for a specific date range, subject line and more.

In this post we're going to look at a feature that rockstar sales people (and Bananatag Teams users) love -- sorting tracked email tags into folders for comparing and testing email templates and campaigns.

Using folders, you can easily group a batch of tracked emails together to test various aspects of your emails, or even the quality of your leads list. Here's how it works:

Grouping tracked emails into folders

After logging into your Bananatag account, navigate to the Tags tab on the left-hand menu. Here you will see all recently tracked emails, along with the option to add new folders and manage folders on the left:

Email Tracking data grouped into folders

After selecting some tracked emails (as shown above), you can use the Move to dropdown menu to move those tags into any existing folder within your account.

How to run reports on folders

With your newly created folders in the Tags tab, you can export the default data for each folder by clicking into the folder and selecting Save & Export above the list. This will create an excel spreadsheet with data including the recipient's email, sent date, subject, opens and clicks.

If you'd like to view more data for the folder and customize the data in the report, navigate to the Reports tab on the left, and select a preset or custom report:

Email Tracking data sample report

Here you can chose any combination of metrics to include in your report using the custom report function, or using one of the preset views. To apply the selected reporting fields to one of your folders of emails, use the Group By dropdown to select grouping by Folder, and select the folder you've created (as shown above). Note that the date range on the reports page must include the sent emails in your folder.

There's a lot you can do with folders in Bananatag! Try the experiments below when tracking emails in your own account:

Testing two different sales email templates or campaigns

After creating two email templates, send one version to half of your list, and prepare the other version to be sent to the second half. To test for only the messaging in the template itself, keep your subject lines consistent across both versions. After sending your batch of the first email, go to the Tags view in your account and use the checkboxes to select those emails (as shown above), and add these to a folder, i.e. 'Sales Template A'. Repeat the steps for the second email, adding those tags to a folder 'B'. You can now compare performance between your templates!

If you'd like to compare entire sales email campaigns, you can follow the same steps after sending your emails. If your email campaign is designed around sending multiple emails to the same group of leads, you can also group each batch of sent emails into their own folders to compare opens and clicks for each email in the campaign.

This is especially useful for testing new strategies when emailing cold leads, and for determining the ideal number of emails to send to the same leads based on changes in open and click rates during the campaign.

How to test email subject lines

Curious if your audience responds better to certain subject lines in your emails? Even if you're not using the same subject lines consistently, you can use the historical data to compare how specific words or phrases affect performance with your emails. Use the search field in the Tags view to search for a subject line or part of a subject line you've used before. Then, check the relevant emails and add these to a folder. Now you can see how various aspects of your subject lines impact your metrics.

This strategy is ideal for finding opportunities to increase open rates, as the likelihood of a recipient opening your emails are heavily influenced by your subject line.

Test the quality of a list of leads

If you're sending to a new list of contacts and you'd like to view all of your email metrics for only that list, sort them into a folder after sending out emails to them. Even if you're using different subject lines, you can use the date sent to determine the appropriate email tags to add to a new folder identifying that group of emails. On an ongoing basis, this strategy can help you understand much more about how specific lists of contacts (i.e. inbound, purchased or tradeshow contacts) perform -- far beyond just replies or actual sales data.
Grouping by folders is a powerful way to use more of the tracked email data that's already being stored in your Bananatag account to test new strategies and make improvements. As a bonus, keeping your tags organized also makes reporting on sales email campaigns as easy as sorting into a folder and clicking export!