Good timing plays a major role in the success of everything you do and  can mean the difference between success and failure.  Whether you're making a sale, trying to get a story published or looking for work, timing is everything.

This can be daunting for those of us who use email as our main business communications tool because it's hard to know what time is the right time.  There are no status updates, or a feed that can help you figure out whether it's a good time to reach out or prod with a gentle reminder.

We're used to setting notifications and reminders in our CRM's to follow up on potential opportunities and that's part of the problem.

How much time is wasted guessing and following up on potential opportunities where the timing is just not right?  

What about those opportunities that are missed because you had the reminder set 6 months out, but they are actually interested now?

When you track your email you create a way to get feedback on exactly that.  Whether it's a marketing campaign, direct sales email, or outreach, knowing when your email has been opened or when the hyperlinks have been clicked gives you insight into when the right time is to send a friendly reminder, because you'll know they're thinking about you.