Sales Leaders and Sales Teams are critical to the overall success and profitability of your organization.

Successful sales leaders effectively coach and guide their sales teams and help mentor them. A critical part of leadership is also helping your team members when they are ‘stuck’.

How do you know when a sales member is ‘stuck’?

‘Stuck’ could look like a Sales Rep not:

  • reaching their sales target or
  • taking proactive steps (e.g. activity) required to be successful. (just two of many  possibilities)

Sales reps can’t be sitting around waiting for leads to come land in their lap. Successful sales reps are constantly networking, nurturing, and educating prospects to ultimately close the deal.

Today, most of this nurturing is done via email. This is where email tracking comes in.

Tracking Prospects Engagement with Your Email

As a Sales Rep, you want to know if/when a prospect actually reads your email and to determine how engaged they are with it. If they show more engagement (e.g. clicking email links and/or checks out your website), it’s a good time to connect. Email Tracking helps to identify a prospect’s level of engagement.

Tracking Emails to Close the Deal

Email tracking is also helpful when a Sales Rep emails a contract to a prospect.

Ideally, you want to receive that executed contract back ASAP so you can ‘close’ the deal in your CRM system and celebrate!

However, if you send the contract off and learn, via email tracking, the prospect doesn’t open it soon after receiving, a number of realistic possibilities could be at play:

  • Prospect is on vacation - so when you follow-up and speak with their assistant, at least you know why and when to follow-up – phew, no red flags yet!
  • Losing Interest - interest and/or urgency for your prospect is wavering - a red flag for immediate follow-up!
  • Not a priority for themyikes, that’s another red flag – time to re-visit your sales process!

No matter what the scenario – as a Sales Rep, you want to know if your emails are being read and when. Email Tracking helps you to know when… timing is everything.


Sales Leaders Track Your Teams Email Activity

As a Sales Rep, email tracking is an intelligent choice in your own future success.

As a Sales Leader, email tracking is an essential investment to track your teams email activity and overall success.

With Teams Plan, you can:

    • Measure Activity - Track your teams Email Activity (including Opens and Clicks)
    • Compare Activity - Compare individual Sales Reps or team email activity
    • Integrate Emails to CRM - Sync emails to your existing CRM
    • Track Website Traffic - Track if your teams email activity boosts traffic on your website with integrated Google Analytics.
    • Review Email Analytics - Measure and report on metrics you define

The Teams Plan is effective, affordable and easy to download.

How Email Tracking Works

Bananatag Email Tracking is a simple add-in enabling you to send emails from Gmail or Outlook the way you always have. You just select the Bananatag icon from within Gmail or Outlook before you send, send the email and the tracking begins!

No special programs, separate login ID’s and best of all – the recipient doesn’t even know you are tracking it!

You get notifications when your email has been opened and clicked with full reporting and analytics.

Want to see it in action? Watch the Short Teams Plan Demo

Still not convinced?

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