For the first time since launching Bananatag in 2012, we're updating our pricing to reflect our new features.

We've come a long way since we launched with email open and click notifications!

Bananatag now has a full set of features to give you a more complete understanding of what happens to your emails and attachments after you press send, as well as features to make you more productive like templates and scheduling.

What's new for Bananatag?

Lots! More specifically:

  • Email Templates to automate and optimize your recurring emails
  • Attachment Tracking to show you how recipients are using the files you send
  • Email Scheduling to let you easily send emails anytime in the future
  • New Analytics, including aggregate statistics for opens and clicks for email templates, and engagement heatmaps for tracked attachments

These features are currently available for Gmail users, and will be coming soon for Outlook too. View our feature comparison to compare features by plan type.

Upgrade your account at Launch pricing

You can still upgrade your plan at the old price! Sign up or upgrade before October 7th, 2015 to get a Pro or Teams plan at the old price for being an early fan of Bananatag!

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Pricing will increase October 7th.

New plans and pricing

As of October 7th, new subscriptions for our Pro plan will be $12.50/month or $120 annually. New subscriptions for our Teams plan will be $25/month or $240 annually.

All previous Pro and Teams subscriptions (monthly and annual) will continue at the original price.

What about the free plan?

Our free plan isn't going anywhere. For users that want to track the occasional email and get basic open and click notifications, our free plan is available with the same 5 emails per day that we've always offered.

Pricing will increase October 7th, so get our Pro plan now for about six bucks a month now. If you're a sales pro, upgrade to Teams for the additional features that plan offers!